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Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 016

Live tonight at 9pm central we will discuss the Superbowl, nachos, youth sports, the hidden danger of ribbon, a d the virtue of wrestling (always).

Also, you will learn why I must despise Disney now. It’s true.

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Why Wrestling is Good for Your Kid

Not only is Wrestling the coolest sport on the planet, it is SUPER beneficial to young people. Heck, it benefits adults too, even old coaches like me. Read the rest of this entry

Lessons from the Wrestling Mat – Finish Strong

shute vs swainAs I have mentioned before, I am a wrestling coach.  This weekend, our boys had their first tournament of the local season.  More than half of my wrestlers were brand new to the sport and had never experienced a live match outside of practice.  The rest were seasoned vets with at least 2 years under their belts.  I expected the new boys to be timid, green, and possibly disheartened should they lose quickly.  I expected the veterans to show up ready to go and back into the zone.  What I saw was an absolute surprise. Read the rest of this entry

Defend Against the Leg Ride…Spiritually

My favorite wrestler to watch this year has been Chris Perry of Oklahoma State. There is no better leg rider in the NCAA. The kid is strong and great on his feet, but it is when he gets control that he really goes to work, riding his opponents and basically wearing them down while he looks to create nearfalls and pins. It doesn’t hurt that he is nephew to my favorite wrestler and coach, John Smith.

Read the rest of this entry