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No Do-overs?

No doubt the Seahawks last play at the goal line is the worst call ever made in the history of the Super Bowl. I am quite sure Seattle coaches, players, and fans wish for a do-over.

There are no do-overs in football.

The press conferences look for the answers for horrible calls. Rarely, if ever do we hear…

  • I made the wrong decision
  • It is my fault
  • I am sorry
  • I resolve to not do that again

Blame gets passed around like an empty donation basket – hurriedly, hoping the next guy will do something with it or that it goes away.

  • It didnt happen the way we wanted.
  • We thought …. so we ….
  • Sometimes things happen
  • Next question

Does this happen to you? You make a bad decision. There are no do-overs. You blew it. Do you own your mistake? Do you confess, apologize, and make amends? Do you pass responsibility or blame to someone or something else? Do you apologize as though it is their fault and not yours? Do you ignore it and hope it goes away?

Our model is confession. To confess means to admit. Admit your mistake. Admit your decision to act. Confess that it was wrong. Apologize. Resolve not to repeat it.

It takes guts to admit mistakes, especially to spouses and children, but we have to do it. Do not wait on a press conference. Do not wait on an apology from someone else. You do your part and confess. Let God handle the other person.



Next question.