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Scheduling Good Catholic Podcasts

We have been working hard to get our Tactical Catholic Podcast schedule complete through the summer. We are all set through end of July now. Every topic and every guest is set, with a little flexibility built in in case we need to adjust on the fly.

We are grateful to all of our listeners and podcast subscribers for making the Tactical Catholic Podcast so much fun to do each week.

Click the links on the left to subscribe today. Your subscription via iTunes, Stitcher, or RSS helps us to increase our visibility on those sites, which means more people have a chance to join us in community!

Live Catholic Podcast Wednesday Night

Things will be back to normal on Wednesday when the Tactical Catholic Podcast returns LIVE Wednesday night at 9pm central.

In the meantime, you can download previous episodes on iTunes. Or hop over to to watch the video.

Do me a favor and leave some feedback. Every opinion helps us improve. Thanks.

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 002 Ready for Download

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 002 is now on YouTube and ready for download on iTunes.

Video Fixed. Let’s Start a Video Podcast

Now that we have video solved, we are moving forward with the podcast.

I tested my mobile audio kit this morning, and I will be adding this raw first episode of The Tactical Catholic very soon. I do wanna check the levels and stuff, so it may be tomorrow before it goes up.

So, if all goes according to plan, I will have the audio only for you and (later) the video as well. So you can pick.

The video is gonna be fun because we will be recording LIVE. You will be able to call in, chat, tweet, whatever. Anything goes. It’s THUNDERDOME!!

Your interaction is key, and it starts now. Talk to me. Give me feedback. Stroke my ego or tear me a new one. Suggest. Comment. Fight. Argue. It really doesn’t matter.

Get going on the participation. I am gonna look at some audio files in Audacity.

Tactical Catholic Topics

Here are some of the topics we are considering for future discussion on The Tactical Catholic. Feel free to suggest more. We like interaction.  You don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy the discussion or join in yourselves.  Jump in and talk to us.

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