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Defend Against the Leg Ride…Spiritually

My favorite wrestler to watch this year has been Chris Perry of Oklahoma State. There is no better leg rider in the NCAA. The kid is strong and great on his feet, but it is when he gets control that he really goes to work, riding his opponents and basically wearing them down while he looks to create nearfalls and pins. It doesn’t hurt that he is nephew to my favorite wrestler and coach, John Smith.

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Pray for Your Bishop

Catholic Bishops are easy targets for blame when a diocese has problems. It happens to Priests when a parish has issues. What are you doing to help? Read the rest of this entry

Time to Fight!

If you intend to serve God, prepare your soul for temptation, for it is an infallible truth that no one is exempt from temptation when he has truly resolved to serve God.

— St. Francis de Sales

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