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Why Tactical Catholic Joined the Fiat Ministry Network

Several of you have written in to ask how I got connected to the Fiat Ministry Network to bring The Tactical Catholic LIVE to your house.  Here you go. Read the rest of this entry

Canada France Company – The Excitement of Reading the Tactical Catholic Podcast Transcript

I did not realize this, but YouTube provides a closed caption transcript of the show as you watch it.  So I have been watching my own podcast and reading the closed captioning.  If you want to laugh, you can too.

Episode Two:

Episode One:

I am cracking up at the way YouTube handles my drawl.  We have convinced the kiddos to watch as well and they are laughing at me.  Admittedly, this is very funny because I never realize exactly what I sound like when I’m speaking, but on video everything is revealed.  The cc just makes it funnier.

This will be my post show family activity from now on.  Thanks, YouTube, for totally screwing up my transcript and making my kids laugh at me.

Closing comment from my oldest child: “Honestly, all I can say is X PRIZE Canada France.  That’s all I got, man.”

Is a $15 Minimum Wage the Answer?

I don’t believe increasing minimum pay for entry level non-skilled labor is the answer. I also don’t believe in wealth redistribution, communism, or unmitigated capitalism. I am a big believer in freedom of opportunity and freedom of consequence. At the same time, I think the people, not the government nor at the government’s command, have a great responsibility to help their fellow man.

We are going to discuss this issue tonight on the show. I hope you will tune in at 9pm central and join the conversation.