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Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 011: Instant Catholics! Just add holy water

In Episode 011, we will talk about being instant, ready to do what must be done in the moment.  Vigilence is a great way to overcome many of the difficulties we face each day. Find out how.

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It’s more fun when you’re there. See you tonight.

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Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 009: It’s great to be in the R-C-I-A

In Episode 009, we will lift the veil of mystery surrounding the RCIA. 

  • What is RCIA? 
  • What is it not? 
  • How should a parish run their RCIA? 
  • How does someone join the Catholic Church?
  • Who came up with the RCIA acronym?

Tonight, join us as we talk about the RCIA, the absurdity of relativism, how we can help our friends into the Catholic Church, and how real evangelization works.  It all starts LIVE at 9pm central time at Fiat Ministry Network.

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