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I’m proud to be Irish, and you’re welcome!

saint patrick of irelandSt. Patrick’s Day is upon us and plenty of people across the United States will use today as an excuse to do things that are certainly NOT Irish or related to this slave become saint of the emerald isle. Regardless of your stance on alcohol, there is never a justification for drunkenness.  Drunkenness is a sin and we stand opposed to it.  Furthermore, we oppose the early American prejudice and caricature of the Irish as drunkards, propagated as a justification to not hire them.

Be you reminded that a great number of Ireland’s men and women came across this pond looking for enterprise and freedom long before the potato famine.  My family was one of that first batch who helped to establish the colonies and who fought in this nation’s revolutionary war to gain independence.  It is a crying shame that when our former countrymen came to America in a time of such great need as the potato famine that they were treated so very poorly.  Nevertheless, the Irish found ways to rise above their humble circumstance and to achieve great things in this land of opportunity.

I will claim a tie to Saint Patrick, not because I am a native Irishman, because I am not.  My family moved to Ireland from Scotland as farmers. Then they moved to the United States. My tie to Saint Patrick is the bond of faith.  Patrick was a slave who found Christ and then returned to the land of his imprisonment as a missionary and Bishop.  His goal was to see men and women embrace the faith that had changed his life for the better.  As imperfect and sinful as I am, my goal is to point men and women toward the faith that is daily changing my life.  I’m no saint, but I want to be one, and through the encouragement of this great cloud of witnesses such as Saint Patrick, I believe I have a good shot.

Today, while others are doing stupid things, let us exercise wisdom in our revelry.  Let us use opportunities like this to share our living faith in the one true hope, Jesus Christ.