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Video Fixed. Let’s Start a Video Podcast

Now that we have video solved, we are moving forward with the podcast.

I tested my mobile audio kit this morning, and I will be adding this raw first episode of The Tactical Catholic very soon. I do wanna check the levels and stuff, so it may be tomorrow before it goes up.

So, if all goes according to plan, I will have the audio only for you and (later) the video as well. So you can pick.

The video is gonna be fun because we will be recording LIVE. You will be able to call in, chat, tweet, whatever. Anything goes. It’s THUNDERDOME!!

Your interaction is key, and it starts now. Talk to me. Give me feedback. Stroke my ego or tear me a new one. Suggest. Comment. Fight. Argue. It really doesn’t matter.

Get going on the participation. I am gonna look at some audio files in Audacity.

A Family Worth Fighting For

Mother’s Day is around the corner and that always makes me think of family. Every Catholic man has a mother. All of us have a commandment to honor our father and mother. How well do we honor our parents? For many of us who are grown this is easy, but some of you may have a strained relationship. Take thr initiative to start the healing.

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