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Preparing for Next Week’s Podcast

Next week on the Tactical Catholic Podcast, we are going to prepare. Preparation and readiness for emergency situations is a must for all of us. Plan on joining us Wednesday and share with us the preparations and plans you feel are important.

Preparedness Question: Who Knows Your Plan?

From time to time I ask you guys about preparedness situations so I can get you thinking about things before they happen. In a disaster or traumatic event, seconds matter. If your brain is trying to work out a solution in the event of an emergency, bad situations can get worse. So, if you don’t already, think of at least some common scenarios and what you would do. Having an idea now will help you respond better if and when a crisis occurs.

But that’s not today’s post.

Let me assume that you are a thoughtful guy. You have already formulated general plans for what to do in the event of . . .

  • fire
  • earthquake
  • power outage
  • flood
  • intruder in home
  • school invasion
  • riot
  • attack at office
  • etc.

Good for you. At least you are trying to think ahead. Now, the big question. Who, besides you, knows your plan?

I’ll wait. Think for a second or two.

Nobody? Well, buddy, you gotta change that. To the extent that your plan involves others (example family evacuation of home in event of fire) those persons need to know the plan as well.

Take the time to tell them their role. Explain what they need to do, what you will do, what your wife will do, and who will back the other up should they be unable to perform their duties.

Start today. Talk a little each day.