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Evangelism Tip #BatmanSymbol: Honesty and Forthrightness

With November elections coming up next Tuesday, it is SUPER SUPER important that you guys get out and vote.  I personally believe that the future of this nation, more than ever, hangs in the balance of the next two elections.  Since election fever is in the air, thousands of political commercials are filling the media and the interwebs, seeking to influence your vote November 4th.  I have given this some thought and have prepared this mature statement.


I apologize for such strong language, but it had to be said.

Today, I was able to have a very honest and informative dialogue with a co-worker about several of the issues critical to this election cycle.  In Tennessee, there are a lot of potential changes that will have huge impacts on the Volunteer State.  The two of us, not of the same faith, but respecting one another as fellow men, were able to discuss these issues.  Sometimes we disagreed, but more often we agreed.  The point I wish to make here is that both of us took the time to listen to the viewpoint of the other rather than merely wait for our time to speak.  There was no need to pounce on the other man with a ridicule of his argument.  Rather, we voiced our opinions and convictions while the other listened.  The goal was understanding.

Why would I do this?  Why would any of us do this?

Far too often, we are content to “know” what the “opposition” thinks, when what we are really striving against is a media portrayal or a slanted point of view.  When we take the time to listen to the real reasons a person holds to their convictions we come to a fuller understanding of them as human beings.  We gain perspective and we show mutual respect.  I dare say that anybody who only listens to the political media circus would EVER understand the other side.  Commercials seem to be designed to deceive, yes even the conservative ones.  It is my conviction that if you do not believe something strong enough to be honest about it, keep your mouth shut.  Nobody wants your bait and switch, and everybody can see your lie.  In the end, you do a greater disservice by being deceitful, even if you are intending to spare someone’s feelings.  There is always a tactful way to speak without being an arse.

Catholics, if we will take the time to understand what is at stake each election and know the candidates and their true positions, we can do great good to help our fellow man.  Following a party line or believing the talking heads on TV is a fool’s game and part of the reason we end up with poor leaders in office.  Be honest.  Be respectful.  Be informed.

Make an Informed Vote

It is voting day here and in several states. You cannot complain if you do nothing to try and change things.

    Read up on the candidates.
    Check their voting record.
    Get rid of career politicians who do not fight or represent what we stand for.
    Voting party line is a fool’s game.
    Look at the votes. Actions speak loudest.

Why are you still here? Go vote!