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Lessons from the Wrestling Mat – Finish Strong

shute vs swainAs I have mentioned before, I am a wrestling coach.  This weekend, our boys had their first tournament of the local season.  More than half of my wrestlers were brand new to the sport and had never experienced a live match outside of practice.  The rest were seasoned vets with at least 2 years under their belts.  I expected the new boys to be timid, green, and possibly disheartened should they lose quickly.  I expected the veterans to show up ready to go and back into the zone.  What I saw was an absolute surprise. Read the rest of this entry

Another Awesome Wrestling Analogy

Guys who know me know that I constantly compare spiritual things to wrestling. I love wrestling. It’s in my blood. It’s in the blood I’ve left on the mat for years. Now, as a coach, I have all sorts of new illustrations I can use to tie wrestling to just about any topic.  So I was thinking this morning about what I was going to write, I knew I had to post about the new site catalog I’m building. Then I said, “We need more wrestling on this site.” This thought came to mind. Read the rest of this entry