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Tactical Catholic Podcast Preview

Tomorrow at 9pm central we will have as our special guest, James Sowder, who will be discussing missions, service, and possibly My Little Pony. Don’t miss it.

Lots of Catholic Podcasts being added today!

Catholic Podcast Directory is adding a stack of new podcasts this afternoon. Thank you all for submitting your podcasts as well as those podcasts by others you enjoy.

Let’s keep the podcast directory growing. The submission process takes only seconds to complete. Submit your podcast here..


Tactical Catholic Episode 026: Mystery Guest

We have a special guest tonight on Tactical Catholic Podcast. Who is it? A Bird told me our guest is an artist, a convert, and I can’t tell you everything. Come on over tonight at 9pm central.

Catholic and Southern by the Grace of God

Tonight on The Tactical Catholic Podcast we will discuss the explosion of growth in southern Catholic parishes and what it is like being a “papist” in the Bible Belt.

If you are a Catholic in the South I would especially like to hear from you. Consider joining our official unofficial Southern Catholic Convention.

9pm central at

Why Tactical Catholic Joined the Fiat Ministry Network

Several of you have written in to ask how I got connected to the Fiat Ministry Network to bring The Tactical Catholic LIVE to your house.  Here you go. Read the rest of this entry