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Updated Page – Podcast

Look at the top of the page and you’ll see a new page called Podcast.  Soon it will be prettier so don’t get your undies in a bunch.  It was important to me to list the growing sites where the podcast can be found.  It would help us a great deal if you would take a moment to leave a review on Stitcher and iTunes.  Your reviews help us to be found.  If you have a podcast and you’d like for us to review it, we’re happy to swap.  I’m always looking for new podcasts to download.

Easy Ways to Help The Tactical Catholic

Every week I close my podcast by reminding you that we need your help to make our ministry grow.  Yes, it’s shameless, but we’re honest when we say that we will never get anywhere without you.  It’s true.  As for the Fiat Ministry Network, we are a growing group of lay evangelists, each trying to use our passions and talents to reach others with a message of encouragement.  The Tactical Catholic is here because I have a heart for engaging other men in their faith and helping them to network and encourage one another.  From the start, I have been blessed to meet so many very cool guys from all across this continent and all walks of life.

Here are some ways you can instantly impact the future of The Tactical Catholic Podcast: Read the rest of this entry

Fiat Ministry – Say Yes to Christ

I have been talking to my friends at Fiat Ministry Network. I had originally been scheduled to appear as a network guest Sunday night, but I failed to notice a prir engagement. Lesson, guys, check the family calendar first.

So my network appearance has been pushed back a bit. That’s alright, because it gives me more time to put together what I am planning to do media-wise. A podcast/vidstream is in the works. Thanks to everyone who has been patiently answering my questions regarding equipment and software.

What does this mean for you?

My main objective is to reach, engage, and challenge Catholic men to discover the wonder of their faith, especially as it pertains to being a man, husband, father, and friend. It will take involvement from you to make this work. Here is what I need.

  1. Prayers. I gotta have them. More than me, pray for the guys that network here or even just stumble upon the site.
  2. Interaction. The more we can communicate on the web, the stronger our ability to reach more of the web. Comment on the site. Follow us on Twitter (@manlycathoics). Link to us. Talk about us. Talk to us.
  3. Share information. I need good content. Any article you share here can link to your site. It is your content with your name. If you want anonymity, we can do that too. Leave a comment and I will reach out to you.

The more interactive the better. Give me your ideas. I like skype, hangouts, twitter, whatever helps us help each other.

Keep spreading the word guys.