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Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 021 Available for Download

catholic podcastersTactical Catholic Podcast Episode 021 is now available for download on iTunes.  Go ahead and download it or use the button on the sidebar to subscribe.

Today I’m working on my show notes for Episode 022, which will be a live show on Wednesday the 25th.  Wednesday, the Tactical Catholic will be talking with you about gambling, and it’s going to be a fun discussion.  Your participation makes the show fun.  To watch archived episodes, you can go to Fiat Ministry Network and see all the shows we have.

We look for your feedback each week.  We cannot rule the world without your help.  So when you listen, watch, chat, harass, etc. make sure that you take the time to leave us a review on iTunes and send your feedback.  You can contact me directly here.

Live Catholic Podcast Wednesday Night

Things will be back to normal on Wednesday when the Tactical Catholic Podcast returns LIVE Wednesday night at 9pm central.

In the meantime, you can download previous episodes on iTunes. Or hop over to to watch the video.

Do me a favor and leave some feedback. Every opinion helps us improve. Thanks.

Listen to the Tactical Catholic Podcast on iTunes

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If you miss the live shows on Wednesday nights ( 9pm central) please download the Tactical Catholic Podcast on iTunes.

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Fellow podcaster, if you’d like to appear on the Tactical Catholic or invite one of us to your show, please contact us.  We’re all about networking and helping one another.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun hanging out with our podcast buds.