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You Live for Another. That’s Love!

Popular culture has no clue what love is. It is almost always reduced to pleasant feelings expressed through physical intimacy. Obviously, feelings and attraction play a role, and there is nothing wrong with physical intimacy according to God’s design, but these are only symptoms of a far more powerful reality. This reality must be there or else all the physical attractiveness, pheromones, and pleasure are empty, masturbatory objectification of another.

What must be present is total self donation. Real love means you no longer live for yourself, nor do you live for another that you might receive something. Total self donation is what real and lasting love is, and it is a choice that must be renewed in mind and body at all times.

Living completely for the good of another is total living sacrifice. It does not ask nor expect anything. No manipulation. No “you owe me one”. No “if you loved me you would…”. Every action, thought, and word is for someone else’s betterment.

Do you have the balls to choose love? Or would you rather settle for the crappy clones offered by the enemy? They won’t last. They won’t fulfil. You won’t be happy.

If you have the courage, and are willing to grow in love, MAN will you have freedom! God isn’t stupid either, because He can give you what you need. Trust him for that whether you are called to religious life, to celibacy, to the married state, or to holy orders. All you have to do is give yourself fully. Hold nothing back.

Dads and husbands and those in other vocations, it is not too late to change. Choose now to love. From this moment on. Receive the grace from Christ to fulfil your vocation. Love without reserve. Love fearlessly. Love when nobody else loves.

This is our challenge. Let us pray for each other as we choose love daily.

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