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Catholic Couponing: Multiple Stores

Catholic couponing, like a Catholic biscuit, is done much the same as the rest of couponing and secular biscuits, but I contend that ours taste better!

I hate making multiple grocery stops, but I have found that to get the best deals it is an unavoidable reality.

Stores know we hate multiple stops. That is why super wal mart and super targets, meijer, etc exist. The problem is that they use this to keep max profits. Need an example?

I love aldi and I get much of my food there, but if I want toiletries, I have to go to kroger. Why? Prices on those items are greater at aldi for most toiletries, even toilet paper, which you kinda need.

So, today I will hit wal mart, kroger, and aldi. I might even hit walgreens because I have some cashback coming and I love sifting through their clearance shelves.

The real keys are research and proximity. Do you know what you need (you had better plan BEFORE you go) and know where the deals are. Then see if they are near enough to be worth it. Look, I normally save between 40-60%, so every dollar saved goes toward savings, emergency fund, crazy money, or gas. I wont spend $5 in gas to save $4.99, but I will drive two blocks to save $5.

Just remember that pennies add up to dollars. This is money in your pocket in exchange for time and effort.