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The Catholic Fellows

I just met these guys through the interwebs and I’d like for you to visit their site.  The Catholic Fellows is about building strong Christian men through community, and you know the Tactical Catholic is all for that.  Check their mission statement.

Empowering men through His Most Holy Church. We are individual fellows at varying stages in life who all want to grow to be more like Christ. God is our greatest strength, and he has given us his saints for standards. The Catholic Fellows aim to empower other fellows, wherever they are in this world, to take up their cross, and walk in love with Christ.

Guys, this is a well designed site with a strong concept. They are building content and an audience and YOU are going to take some time to visit their site and be encouraged.  I would also challenge you to consider joining their fellowship.  The bar is high, my friends, but that is the way it should be, challenging each other to do more and be more.

Now why would Tactical Catholic promote a site that is doing the SAME THING as he’s doing?  Well, for starters, they have better art.  Seriously, men, there is no such thing as competition when it comes to laboring in the mission fields.  We are all fellow laborers and working for the same Jewish carpenter.  Far be it from me to try to horde my readers and podcast listeners.  My goals are similar to theirs, to help us all to grow together in Christ.  Plus, they advocate meeting in pubs!  You can’t argue with theology on tap (no trademark infringement intended), my brethren.

Don’t take my word for it.  Pop over to The Catholic Fellows and give a look.  Please tell them that I sent you and that I’m happy to have met more good men from JP Catholic!

To learn more about The Catholic Fellows, visit their website.

Catholic Guys Need Encouragement

Catholic ladies, I’d like to make an appeal to you.  We, the Catholic men of the world, need encouragement.  Fewer and fewer of us understand the great weight that is placed upon our shoulders to be the men that God has called us to be.  Those of us who do understand the gravity of our vocation are often overwhelmed.  We feel as though it is us against the entire world and that the odds are steeply stacked against us.  These men need to be reminded that we are not alone and that we have our women to support and love us, whether you are our spouse, our friend, our sibling, our parent, or our child.  We so appreciate prayer and a word of encouragement.  Don’t stop praying.

Those who do not understand what it means to be a man called by God are living in ignorant bliss, like little boys with their toys.  Well, these men also need your prayers and support.  Without a nudge here and there and a challenge to better ourselves, we might otherwise hang on to childish ways and self-centered living, even within the sacrament of matrimony.  Men respond to a challenge, so challenge us.  Show us that you love us regardless, but give us a challenge to step up our game.  Bring us to a couples conference, challenge us to a scripture reading showdown (I can show you how to do this one), see who can out love the other.  Get us moving in the right direction.  And pray pray pray pray for our ongoing conversion.

Whether we are called to the sacrament of matrimony, holy orders, religious life, or the call to live as a single person in the world, women and men are designed to compliment one another.  We work best when we work together.  So consider this a challenge from us.  Love us fiercely, and refuse to let us slack off.  Do not let us sit idly while others grow in their faith and love.  Never cease to pray for us, and always ask the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope….