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Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 018

Coming up tomorrow on the Tactical Catholic Podcast…

Lent. It’s Ash Wednesday, and Lent has begun. We can discuss Mardi Gras, Fish Fry, Lenten penances, fasting, chocolate, and a whole lot more.

Don’t give this podcast up for Lent. Add it and promise to join us weekly.

Ash Wednesday is coming soon

Ash Wednesday is coming up (18th). My suggestion is to come up with a lenten penance now before Lent begins.

What can I do?

Pick a lenten sacrifice that makes you mindful of your faith and draws you nearer to Christ. We should all cut dowon on snacking and sweets anyway, so I typically don’t recommend those.

  • How about giving up an hour a day to devote to service or prayer?
  • Read 30 Days to Morning Glory and make a total consecration to Christ through Our Lady.
  • Read Consoling the Heart of Jesus and renew your consecration to Christ.
  • Begin praying the Liturgy of the Hours
  • Give up TV, internet browsing, Netflix….
  • Exchange a hobby for a spiritual good (ex. give up golf for Lent and donate what you would have spent on greens fees to a worthy charity)

This will help you get started and hit the ground running next Wednesday.