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Website Review 004: Catholic Podcast Directory

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Tactical Catholic’s review of the Catholic Podcast Directory


I’ve looked, man.  I really have.  There isn’t an up-to-date directory of Catholic Podcasts.  Either the lists are 4 years old, or they list sites that only appeal to a particular niche, or they just accept any podcast whether it is Catholic or not.  There are even sites out there that list podcasts that don’t even exist.  Ugh!

The purpose of the Catholic Podcast Directory is to search the web and network with other bloggers and podcasters to find faithful Catholic podcasts that are current.  As the site grows, the indexing will also enable visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. But guess what?  The site doesn’t have any listings yet.  That sucks.

Catholic Podcast Directory needs your submissions.   The rules are pretty simple.

  • Podcasts need to be up to date.  That means they are still publishing new content.
  • Podcasts need to be Catholic.  They can’t be schismatic or heresy (see the Catechism’s definition)
  • Podcasts need to have at least 5 episodes in the bank before we’ll list them.

For now, use our contact form to submit a podcast.  Use the comment field to list as many specifics as you can (iTunes link, feed(s) link, etc.)

Tactical Catholic Podcast on TuneIn

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Curious about Windows 10?

Here is the Microsoft site with all you need to know (for now) about Windows 10 and the direction of the company’s development.

Plenty to see so give yourself some time.

Windows 10 & Lumia Denim Update

I have been waiting for weeks for a firmware update for my Windows Phone.

Yes, I know.

So as some of the markets outside of the US get theirs, I impatiently wait for my carrier to open wide the gates of an updated Cortana.

That’s all I want.

I don’t care if the camera improves because I don’t camera often. All I want is the additional hands free controls the updated Cortana (Hey, Cortana) brings. In fact, Cortana and the interoperability of all my MS tools are the reasons I love this phone. In fact, I am working on my own apps. I don’t need Clash of Clans (but I would take it).

Today’s media event by Microsoft reminded me why I still love this company. I am beta testing Windows 10 and I cannot wait to get it on my phone and pc. I only hope the release is soon.

In the meantime, can I please have my Lumia Denim?

Did you watch the announcement today? What did you think? Hologram demo looked really cool too. And if you haven’t used the Cortana feature before, you really should. Very functional and can even understand me through my accent.