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Short Term Food Storage

Remember when we talked about preparations in Episode 005? Well, y’all need to pop over to my friend, Dale’s site. He has written a fantastic article about short term food storage.

Go now.

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 005: The Tactical Catholic Prepper?

Wednesday at 9pm central (10eastern) The Tactical Catholic Podcast kicks off episode 005, “The Tactical Catholic Prepper”, and we are looking forward to a fun show.  As always, we welcome all of you to please join us live at  You can chat with us live during the show via our chatwing app.  You can call in and speak with us live.  You might just choose to watch the live stream without saying a word.  Any way you choose to participate is fine with us.

  • So Catholic Preppers, eh?  How does that work?
  • Well, are you a tea party patriot?
  • Don’t you believe in the 2nd amendment?
  • What about the shadow government?
  • How many months of food do you have stockpiled?
  • How’s your ammunition situation?
  • Do you like freeze dried meat?
  • What water purification methods do you prefer?
  • How short should a man’s hair be if he really loves Jesus?

Will I answer any of these questions?  Maybe.  Will I end up about Doomsday Preppers or folkstyle wrestling?  Two things will influence the answers to those last two questions: your participation and my mood.  Seriously, friends.  I’ve got a whole list of things I want to discuss, but I won’t want to just sit and do all the talking.

If you don’t want to call in live or chat, send us a question.  Use the contact form here at Tactical Catholic and we’ll include your questions on the show.  If they don’t make Wednesday, they’ll make a future show.

Here are my questions for you.  Answer any you like.

  • What sort of things do you prepare for?
  • How do you go about preparing for them?
  • What do you think about the people labeled as “preppers”?
  • Do you consider yourself a prepper?  Why or why not?

UPDATE: Leave your comments below. I want a shipload of answers tonight! Catholic, Protestant, Sasquatch, Alien, crazy, sane, all answers invited.

Preparing for Next Week’s Podcast

Next week on the Tactical Catholic Podcast, we are going to prepare. Preparation and readiness for emergency situations is a must for all of us. Plan on joining us Wednesday and share with us the preparations and plans you feel are important.

Do Catholic Preppers Exist?

If you’ve been visiting Tactical Catholic for a while you know that I am sympathetic towards those commonly labeled as “preppers”.  What I have learned though, especially these last few weeks is that “prepper” and “survivalist” are being used interchangeably by the media and not to cast in a positive light those who appreciate preparedness.  I don’t think it’s fair, but it is a reality that the majority of people who talk about preppers on the major media see everyone who chooses to prepare for potential difficulty in the below listed stereotypes.  According to them, you all …

  • horde stockpiles of food, water, weapons, and ammunition to the point you should be feared
  • oppose law and order because you at some point made a comment that was other than “glowing” regarding the current administration, and therefore you should be feared.
  • train in secret militias bent on violence, malice, and anarchy, and therefore should be feared.
  • build impregnable fortresses capable of resisting the rising militarized police force and should be feared.
  • are crazy and should be feared

Think I’m wrong?  Look at the programs that use the words survivalist (not survivor) and prepper.  They pick the most extreme cases they can find for a sensationalized television program.  They label anyone with primitive skills as a survivalist so they can group an individual criminal with every law abiding citizen with similar skills.  They want gun owners to be equated with violent criminals.  Why?  Because if they do, they can create fear and/or ridicule to alienate or even persecute the preparedness community.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true.  Mention that you found a great deal at Aldi and were able to buy a month’s worth of soup.  Ooooooh.  Now, you’re a prepper.  You probably have 3000 guns at home and a bazooka and a stolen helicopter too.  It’s just a matter of time before you attack the innocent at a Starbucks.  Irrational fear.

Here’s another truth.  Bad guys commit crime.  They do not follow the rules.  They do not abide by your gun free zones.  They do not care that you have worked hard to provide for your family.  They want what they want and they will do what they want to get it.  On the other hand, law abiding citizens do the right thing.  They do not intend to harm anyone.  They see situations for which they wish to be prepared and lawfully do so.  If they conceal carry firearms they do so for protection of themselves and the ones they love.  To group the law abiding prepper with the horder or the criminal is ludicrous.  That is the same as equating every driver with DUI offenders.  You own a car don’t you?  Well, don’t you know that drunk drivers kill people?  You use coupons don’t you (you had better)?  Well, you are obviously an extreme couponer guilty of using fraudulent coupons and that’s why my corn costs $1/can.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

I’m very excited to tell you that we’re going to have several shows this year to talk about preparedness, homesteading, self-sufficiency, 2nd amendment rights, home safety, gardening, disaster response planning, and a whole lot more.  What I ask of you is to suspend your stereotyping until after you’ve listened to me and my guests.  I think you will see balance, fair mindedness, and common sense.  I also think you might learn something that will help you in a time of need.

Is a $15 Minimum Wage the Answer?

I don’t believe increasing minimum pay for entry level non-skilled labor is the answer. I also don’t believe in wealth redistribution, communism, or unmitigated capitalism. I am a big believer in freedom of opportunity and freedom of consequence. At the same time, I think the people, not the government nor at the government’s command, have a great responsibility to help their fellow man.

We are going to discuss this issue tonight on the show. I hope you will tune in at 9pm central and join the conversation.

Tactical Catholic: Easy Food Prep Idea

Last night I wrote about how important it was for us to take some small steps to prep.  Today I am giving you a few ideas for easy food preps that anybody can do.  Read the rest of this entry

Catholic Preppers?

I like watching the survival and prepping shows that have been popping up on television in recent years.  I think that with the general lack of preparedness seen with the highly publicized superstorms, wildfires, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes, more and more people are at least thinking about taking precautions.  What about you? Read the rest of this entry

Preparedness Question: Who Knows Your Plan?

From time to time I ask you guys about preparedness situations so I can get you thinking about things before they happen. In a disaster or traumatic event, seconds matter. If your brain is trying to work out a solution in the event of an emergency, bad situations can get worse. So, if you don’t already, think of at least some common scenarios and what you would do. Having an idea now will help you respond better if and when a crisis occurs.

But that’s not today’s post.

Let me assume that you are a thoughtful guy. You have already formulated general plans for what to do in the event of . . .

  • fire
  • earthquake
  • power outage
  • flood
  • intruder in home
  • school invasion
  • riot
  • attack at office
  • etc.

Good for you. At least you are trying to think ahead. Now, the big question. Who, besides you, knows your plan?

I’ll wait. Think for a second or two.

Nobody? Well, buddy, you gotta change that. To the extent that your plan involves others (example family evacuation of home in event of fire) those persons need to know the plan as well.

Take the time to tell them their role. Explain what they need to do, what you will do, what your wife will do, and who will back the other up should they be unable to perform their duties.

Start today. Talk a little each day.

Video Fixed. Let’s Start a Video Podcast

Now that we have video solved, we are moving forward with the podcast.

I tested my mobile audio kit this morning, and I will be adding this raw first episode of The Tactical Catholic very soon. I do wanna check the levels and stuff, so it may be tomorrow before it goes up.

So, if all goes according to plan, I will have the audio only for you and (later) the video as well. So you can pick.

The video is gonna be fun because we will be recording LIVE. You will be able to call in, chat, tweet, whatever. Anything goes. It’s THUNDERDOME!!

Your interaction is key, and it starts now. Talk to me. Give me feedback. Stroke my ego or tear me a new one. Suggest. Comment. Fight. Argue. It really doesn’t matter.

Get going on the participation. I am gonna look at some audio files in Audacity.

Office Survival Tips for When SHTF

If a disaster struck while you were at work, do you know what you’d do? Ever even thought about it? Well, I have. Read the rest of this entry