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Entitlement Should Not Be a Thing

entitled pigs

Today is Free Comic Book Day.  So, I took two of my kiddos to the comic book store.  By the way, if you’re reading this on May 2, there is still time to get to your shop and take advantage of this really cool offer (at least one free comic book and usually great deals on other stuff).  Back to my story.  So, I was at the comic shop and I was super excited to know that there was a Captain Canuck as well as a Doctor Who comic in the freebie list.  I was walking around and looking at the books, both free and non, and then I heard something irritating.

Ugh!  Your free wi-fi signal is too slow.  This is really bad.

I thought to myself, “This is a public commercial property.  They are under no obligation to provide you ANY wi-fi, and you are complaining about the speed?  Don’t you have a smartphone in your hand…the kind that requires a data plan?”

This woman and her husband walked past the cool cosplayers in their hand made outfits (really good job, folks!) to the rack containing the selection of free comics.  The owner explained the rules to a group of us who had walked in.  Everyone gets a free comic just for breathing and being inside the store.  If you purchase $4 of merchandise, you get one of each of the free titles.  That means 50 comic books for $4.  Can you guess where this story is going?

Ugh!  That is ridiculous.  You mean they are not all free?  I have never had to pay for any of the comics on free comic book day.  The other stores don’t make you pay to get more than one [Yes, they do].  We have done this for years and they never made us pay.  Are you serious?


The more I listened to the lame rant of this lying “customer” the more I suspected that she was likely going to each of the area comic stores to get additional copies of the comics for resale later.  That made me a little angry, but I also thought to myself, “Wifi Lady just has to pluck down $4 (buy the new Iron Fist) and she gets 50 COMIC BOOKS FOR FREE!  So if she goes to the 3 local stores that I know of, for a mere $12, she can walk out with 153 COMIC BOOKS.  Greed much, lady?”

After that rant, the lady and her companions took their one free book each and departed.  Guess $4 was too much to pay for 51 comics.  I just consulted my calculator.  That comes down to 7.8 cents per comic!   Guess what we did.  We bought some comics.  In fact, my son bought 3 books anyway and got one for his sister.  So we left with 53 books that my kids (after I filter the stack) can share.  I also learned that Q from STNG will be coming to the Memphis Con in November.

There is a disease in this country (possibly others, but I only really know about ‘murica) called entitlement.  Here, that means that men, women, and children are being taught that they are owed something for which they themselves did not work, toil, or prepare.  They merely want it and expect someone else to provide it.  Entitlement is closely related to greed, sloth, gluttony, and consumerism.  All are disordered and sinful.  They fail to take into account the feelings or work of another in order that they may mindlessly consume, in this case, comic books.  The disease of entitlement runs rampant in America.  In fact, in some areas of our country, entitlement is used as a means to build a dependent class of society, a voting block that has been indoctrinated to believe that apart from the government’s hand they can do nothing.  Entitlement unchecked grows like a cancer.  It fuels illogical resentment and creates enemies out of everyone.

What can we do to stop this?

It starts at home, and by “home” I mean wherever you happen to be.  You can be at Wal-Mart, your house, your office, or the ballpark.  Start with yourself and your own attitude towards goods and services.  Know and appreciate the things you have and the means by which they arrived at your disposal.  Refuse to abuse goods and services.  Say THANK YOU.  Don’t be a butt to persons.  In fact, be a good tipper and a courteous customer.  Teach your kids the value of goods, services and the virtues of a hard day’s work.  Be a good example of hard work to your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and especially your family.  We can do this.

Don’t be like the wifi lady.  Be better than that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to write a note of thanks to the owners of my local comic shop.

Evangelism Tip #BatmanSymbol: Honesty and Forthrightness

With November elections coming up next Tuesday, it is SUPER SUPER important that you guys get out and vote.  I personally believe that the future of this nation, more than ever, hangs in the balance of the next two elections.  Since election fever is in the air, thousands of political commercials are filling the media and the interwebs, seeking to influence your vote November 4th.  I have given this some thought and have prepared this mature statement.


I apologize for such strong language, but it had to be said.

Today, I was able to have a very honest and informative dialogue with a co-worker about several of the issues critical to this election cycle.  In Tennessee, there are a lot of potential changes that will have huge impacts on the Volunteer State.  The two of us, not of the same faith, but respecting one another as fellow men, were able to discuss these issues.  Sometimes we disagreed, but more often we agreed.  The point I wish to make here is that both of us took the time to listen to the viewpoint of the other rather than merely wait for our time to speak.  There was no need to pounce on the other man with a ridicule of his argument.  Rather, we voiced our opinions and convictions while the other listened.  The goal was understanding.

Why would I do this?  Why would any of us do this?

Far too often, we are content to “know” what the “opposition” thinks, when what we are really striving against is a media portrayal or a slanted point of view.  When we take the time to listen to the real reasons a person holds to their convictions we come to a fuller understanding of them as human beings.  We gain perspective and we show mutual respect.  I dare say that anybody who only listens to the political media circus would EVER understand the other side.  Commercials seem to be designed to deceive, yes even the conservative ones.  It is my conviction that if you do not believe something strong enough to be honest about it, keep your mouth shut.  Nobody wants your bait and switch, and everybody can see your lie.  In the end, you do a greater disservice by being deceitful, even if you are intending to spare someone’s feelings.  There is always a tactful way to speak without being an arse.

Catholics, if we will take the time to understand what is at stake each election and know the candidates and their true positions, we can do great good to help our fellow man.  Following a party line or believing the talking heads on TV is a fool’s game and part of the reason we end up with poor leaders in office.  Be honest.  Be respectful.  Be informed.

Do Catholic Preppers Exist?

If you’ve been visiting Tactical Catholic for a while you know that I am sympathetic towards those commonly labeled as “preppers”.  What I have learned though, especially these last few weeks is that “prepper” and “survivalist” are being used interchangeably by the media and not to cast in a positive light those who appreciate preparedness.  I don’t think it’s fair, but it is a reality that the majority of people who talk about preppers on the major media see everyone who chooses to prepare for potential difficulty in the below listed stereotypes.  According to them, you all …

  • horde stockpiles of food, water, weapons, and ammunition to the point you should be feared
  • oppose law and order because you at some point made a comment that was other than “glowing” regarding the current administration, and therefore you should be feared.
  • train in secret militias bent on violence, malice, and anarchy, and therefore should be feared.
  • build impregnable fortresses capable of resisting the rising militarized police force and should be feared.
  • are crazy and should be feared

Think I’m wrong?  Look at the programs that use the words survivalist (not survivor) and prepper.  They pick the most extreme cases they can find for a sensationalized television program.  They label anyone with primitive skills as a survivalist so they can group an individual criminal with every law abiding citizen with similar skills.  They want gun owners to be equated with violent criminals.  Why?  Because if they do, they can create fear and/or ridicule to alienate or even persecute the preparedness community.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true.  Mention that you found a great deal at Aldi and were able to buy a month’s worth of soup.  Ooooooh.  Now, you’re a prepper.  You probably have 3000 guns at home and a bazooka and a stolen helicopter too.  It’s just a matter of time before you attack the innocent at a Starbucks.  Irrational fear.

Here’s another truth.  Bad guys commit crime.  They do not follow the rules.  They do not abide by your gun free zones.  They do not care that you have worked hard to provide for your family.  They want what they want and they will do what they want to get it.  On the other hand, law abiding citizens do the right thing.  They do not intend to harm anyone.  They see situations for which they wish to be prepared and lawfully do so.  If they conceal carry firearms they do so for protection of themselves and the ones they love.  To group the law abiding prepper with the horder or the criminal is ludicrous.  That is the same as equating every driver with DUI offenders.  You own a car don’t you?  Well, don’t you know that drunk drivers kill people?  You use coupons don’t you (you had better)?  Well, you are obviously an extreme couponer guilty of using fraudulent coupons and that’s why my corn costs $1/can.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

I’m very excited to tell you that we’re going to have several shows this year to talk about preparedness, homesteading, self-sufficiency, 2nd amendment rights, home safety, gardening, disaster response planning, and a whole lot more.  What I ask of you is to suspend your stereotyping until after you’ve listened to me and my guests.  I think you will see balance, fair mindedness, and common sense.  I also think you might learn something that will help you in a time of need.

Is a $15 Minimum Wage the Answer?

I don’t believe increasing minimum pay for entry level non-skilled labor is the answer. I also don’t believe in wealth redistribution, communism, or unmitigated capitalism. I am a big believer in freedom of opportunity and freedom of consequence. At the same time, I think the people, not the government nor at the government’s command, have a great responsibility to help their fellow man.

We are going to discuss this issue tonight on the show. I hope you will tune in at 9pm central and join the conversation.

Make an Informed Vote

It is voting day here and in several states. You cannot complain if you do nothing to try and change things.

    Read up on the candidates.
    Check their voting record.
    Get rid of career politicians who do not fight or represent what we stand for.
    Voting party line is a fool’s game.
    Look at the votes. Actions speak loudest.

Why are you still here? Go vote!