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Fried Turkey Tastes Better Than Baked Turkey

is fried turkey good?

This year we got a fried turkey and I don’t ever want to go back to baked turkey again.

Every year our Knights of Columbus bake and fry a gazillion birds as a fundraiser. These guys can cook! I am usually out of town, but this year we were home so I bought a fried turkey.




Not only was the turkey perfectly seasoned inside, it was soooooo moist and juicy. It is so difficult to keep a baked turkey from drying out, but I suppose the magic of deep frying locks in all the moisture. There wasn’t a dry bite to be had.

I am not yet brave enough to do my own frying, but these guys are pros. I will continue to buy the fried goodness and let the experts cook it.

If you have the option to buy a fried turkey, do it. Try it. I hope your experience is as good as mine.

How do you share your faith?

friends share

Please share with us the ways you share your faith.

Where do you find yourself sharing your faith most often?

  • school
  • work
  • home
  • grocery store
  • bar

What challenges to your faith have you encountered?

  • ridicule
  • differing beliefs
  • lack of knowledge
  • rats

Tell us a cool story about a time recently when you have shared your faith.

Next week on the show we will be talking about ways we can share our faith. Evangelism is something I have been doing “professionally” for a couple of decades now, so I am confident I can offer some tips. More importantly, however, I want to hear from you. We are all in different environments, but our struggles cross those lines. Share, discuss, challenge, encourage.

Use the comboxes or drop us a line.

Are You Getting Anything Out of Mass?

Tactical Catholic was at Magnificat Day on Saturday in Memphis, Tennessee.  My wife and I are so blessed to have been there with so many amazing things going on.  I wanted to high five every single Dominican I could, but I honestly lost track there were so many.  The Order of Preachers was in full effect on Saturday and I’m so glad for it.  No offense to the many beautiful religious orders out there, but my heart is with the Dominican Order.  In fact, my current discernment is whether or not to join their Third Order as a layman.  But my fanboy attitude toward the St. Dominic and friends will have to wait, because I need to discuss the main point for today’s morning post. Read the rest of this entry

Evangelism Tip #BatmanSymbol: Honesty and Forthrightness

With November elections coming up next Tuesday, it is SUPER SUPER important that you guys get out and vote.  I personally believe that the future of this nation, more than ever, hangs in the balance of the next two elections.  Since election fever is in the air, thousands of political commercials are filling the media and the interwebs, seeking to influence your vote November 4th.  I have given this some thought and have prepared this mature statement.


I apologize for such strong language, but it had to be said.

Today, I was able to have a very honest and informative dialogue with a co-worker about several of the issues critical to this election cycle.  In Tennessee, there are a lot of potential changes that will have huge impacts on the Volunteer State.  The two of us, not of the same faith, but respecting one another as fellow men, were able to discuss these issues.  Sometimes we disagreed, but more often we agreed.  The point I wish to make here is that both of us took the time to listen to the viewpoint of the other rather than merely wait for our time to speak.  There was no need to pounce on the other man with a ridicule of his argument.  Rather, we voiced our opinions and convictions while the other listened.  The goal was understanding.

Why would I do this?  Why would any of us do this?

Far too often, we are content to “know” what the “opposition” thinks, when what we are really striving against is a media portrayal or a slanted point of view.  When we take the time to listen to the real reasons a person holds to their convictions we come to a fuller understanding of them as human beings.  We gain perspective and we show mutual respect.  I dare say that anybody who only listens to the political media circus would EVER understand the other side.  Commercials seem to be designed to deceive, yes even the conservative ones.  It is my conviction that if you do not believe something strong enough to be honest about it, keep your mouth shut.  Nobody wants your bait and switch, and everybody can see your lie.  In the end, you do a greater disservice by being deceitful, even if you are intending to spare someone’s feelings.  There is always a tactful way to speak without being an arse.

Catholics, if we will take the time to understand what is at stake each election and know the candidates and their true positions, we can do great good to help our fellow man.  Following a party line or believing the talking heads on TV is a fool’s game and part of the reason we end up with poor leaders in office.  Be honest.  Be respectful.  Be informed.

Introducing the Southern Catholic Convention

Since I’ve been nominated (by myself) as the President of the Southern Catholic Convention, I have decided to flex my super powers to bring a gift to you, the blogosphere.

I’m proud to introduce to you the official Southern Catholic Convention website.

Here’s what I want to happen, and I command it because I am your president.  I learned that from another president I saw one time.  I want all Catholic bloggers and site owners to join me in the Southern Catholic Convention.  When you go to the site, you’ll see the basic layout and the submit your site form.

Phase 1: Round up

– Sites properly submitted will receive a link on the main page, along with whatever “hover” text you want.

– Sites will be divided into Southern Catholics and Great Commission Catholics (for the rest of you because I’m cool like that).

– Opportunities will be provided for you to write or share feature articles on this site, linked back to your site.

Phase 2: Aggregation

– Feeds will be submitted to the site so that we receive your new posts as they are published.

– Look will move toward a “magazine” feel so we can also feature your post images.

RCIA: How a Year-Round Model Works

More and more parishes are seeing the benefits of engaging a year round RCIA, but some pastors are hesitant. They pause because they likely have never seen it in action. What does a year round RCIA look like? Read the rest of this entry

Why Tactical Catholic Joined the Fiat Ministry Network

Several of you have written in to ask how I got connected to the Fiat Ministry Network to bring The Tactical Catholic LIVE to your house.  Here you go. Read the rest of this entry

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 002 Ready for Download

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 002 is now on YouTube and ready for download on iTunes.

The Southern Catholic Convention

I found this great article from June that gives updated statistics on the rise of Converts in TN, particularly the eastern side of the state. You can read it at.

You all know that I have appointed myself President of the newly established Southern Catholic Convention. That means I get to wear a sash, top hat, and monocle around town. It also means I have to bring deviled eggs to the annual covered dish fellowship.

As President of the SCC, I am glad to see the Volunteer State rise in conversions to the Catholic Faith. When my wife and I entered the Church in 2002, Tennessee had about 3% of its population claiming to be Catholic. Now it is a whopping 8%. You’re welcome, South!

I know marriage is a big reason many consider the Church, but in the end there has to be more to it than that. What I see during the course of RCIA is that the folks coming go through a formation and conversion much greater than picking another checkbox on a survey. They are being formed in faith as Catholics if the RCIA is worth its salt.

The common reason people consider Catholic Christianity is because they see sonething in the faith life of a Catholic, whether they read it in a blog, see it in a tv show, or see it in person through a spouse, coworker, or friend. Something they see makes them hungry to know more.

So I ask you, my Catholic brethren, what do people notice when they see you? What stands out? Can they see the Sacraments at work? It’s something to consider.

If you’re coming to the Southern Catholic Convention covered dish, please let me know what you are bringing. There is only so much room for green bean casserole.

Miscarriage and Dealing with Loss

We learned yesterday that we have lost our baby. Obviously, we are hurting and sad as we go through the pains of separation and loss.

This time, more than any other in our family history, the responses of our friends have been supportive and not cliche.

For the uninitiated, let me explain. Oftentimes, death and loss are treated with cliche responses from well-meaning people. However, they seem to do more harm than good.

  • God needed another flower in his garden.
  • I know how you feel.
  • Your child is an angel now.
  • God will give you another one some day.
  • I lost a dog once.
  • This was God’s way of saying you don’t need another child.
  • I told you that you should have used contraception.
  • It was for the best.

We have heard them all. Believe me. Just not this time. This time we have what I believe is the proper response, namely, prayers and wishes of love.

  • We are so sorry for your loss.
  • We love you.
  • We are praying for you.
  • We are here for you.

No useless advice. No dumb hurtful sayings. Just love and concern. That is the initial response of Job’s friends. They sat with him and shared his grief. We can learn from them. Learn also from them that dumb advice is dumb. When they eventually do speak it is from commonly held superstition.

Listen, people who are grieving do not want advice. You do not know how they feel. What the grieving need is love. Love to a grieving person has the appearance of ears, prayers, and service. The best thing we can do is help and listen while we pray for their healing and peace.

I am grateful for the support and prayers of our friends as we go through this time of intense suffering. We know our friends are here. We know they care. I pray that if/when they need me I can behave in the same way.