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Look, Mom, I changed the view!

catholic men mentoringSo the site is sporting a newer look.  I realized that my photo of the swiss guard was not always loading well in the responsive design so here you go.  I don’t know what to call the new background except dark with some colors.  So far things look better with the dark/light contrast.  I hope you like it.

In the meantime, I’m working on my first batch of web reviews.  And while you wait for that, I’ve got a thought for you.

Remember yesterday’s Gospel reading?  In John 3, we see the tail end of Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, a member of the Sanhedrin.  You might say that Nick was a member of the supreme court.  So, here he is talking with Jesus under cover and out of sight.  How did his story end?  What do we know about him?  We don’t have a whole lot, but we do know that he and Joseph of Arimethea worked together to give Jesus a proper burial.  Not many other mentions of him until then, right?

It made me think of how a lot of us guys are often living our faith in the shadows.  Maybe we don’t want to draw too much attention to ourselves.  Maybe we are scared of what others will think.  Maybe we are afraid we’ll lose our standing or our job.  In the west, that’s about as far as the fears go.  However, we are not given a spirit of timidity (see Paul’s letters to Timothy), nor are we meant to keep the light of Christ hidden (Matthew 5).  We are to be bold and unashamed witnesses of Jesus Christ.

So why aren’t you?

I dare say that until Nicodemus buried Jesus that few if any people knew he was a follower of Christ.  Do you really want people to show up at your funeral saying, “Huh?  Mass?  I didn’t know this guy was religious.”  Let me challenge you today to man up and live your faith like you mean it.  Embrace it.  Let Christ so permeate your being that others know by your actions and words that you are in communion with God and that He directs your life.  If you are living for Christ on a daily basis, you will draw others to Him.  That’s kind of the plan, my friends.

Let’s do it!

Over My Head

Y’all, I have been way way covered up with work this week and I apologize for the lack of posts. This week I was blessed with new hardware, so I am in the process of fixing a lot of things on the site. Bear with me and please keep those contacts coming. I love to hear from you!

Feast of St Polycarp of Smyrna, Bishop and Martyr


St Polycarp, picture of true Catholic manliness, pray for us!

I love St Polycarp. This courageous Bishop of Smyrna (present day Izmir, Turkey) led his flock with grace and integrity. He taught them to hold fast to the Faith, particularly to the Eucharist. This disciple of John led by example, even unto his martyrdom.

I encourage you to read his letters. They are a major reason I am Catholic today. St Polycarp showed me the first century Church that we see blossoming in the book of Acts. He made me question my presuppositions regarding authority, worship, and sacraments.

His greatest lesson to me, however, is his resilience. Polycarp, at age 86, would not give in to the smallest concession to the false gods of the Roman Empjre. No, he stood strong, facing their threats with gusto, and even a little “ain’t skeert” swagger. Read the accounts of his martyrdom.

St Polycarp, you are the man. Thank you for opening my eyes to see the Church you love so much and our heavenly feast in the Eucharist. Pray for us.

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 018

Coming up tomorrow on the Tactical Catholic Podcast…

Lent. It’s Ash Wednesday, and Lent has begun. We can discuss Mardi Gras, Fish Fry, Lenten penances, fasting, chocolate, and a whole lot more.

Don’t give this podcast up for Lent. Add it and promise to join us weekly.

Tuesday Feels Like Monday

Sometimes a Tuesday feels like a Monday.

If that is you today, my friend, hang in there and stick to doing what you gotta do. Do your work well today and so honor our Lord.

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 016

Live tonight at 9pm central we will discuss the Superbowl, nachos, youth sports, the hidden danger of ribbon, a d the virtue of wrestling (always).

Also, you will learn why I must despise Disney now. It’s true.

Join us tonight at

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What a week!

Time has flown by so fast! I cannot believe my last post was my podcast promo. Being in the thick of wrestling season has blurred my days and nights. However, I would not trade this time for anything. I love wrestling and I love coaching.

Today is Tuesday, or so I am told. That means live show tomorrow night. Our topic will be the Blessed Virgin Mary. We should discuss Marian dogma, St Louis de Montfort, and probably apparitions. I expect some conversation.

Wednesday night. Tactical Catholic Podcast LIVE. 9pm central.

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Focus Drill Idea for 12/24/14

Catholic guys should spend 30 minutes in focused thought to start their day. Non Catholics should too. Here are some suggestions.

Meditate on Sacred Scripture:
◾Proverbs 24
◾Psalm 24

Situational Response. Eliminate any persons from the scenario who do not apply to your family.
◾You are at an office party
◾Your spouse and children are at the movies
◾A co-worker says he/she has a room at the host hotel and invites you up for drinks

◾What is your response?
◾Now what do you do?

Hey.  I didn’t say every scenario would be about survival situations.  You need a game plan and general course of action for situations like this too because men and women are put in near occasions of sexual sin often.  When a temptation arises, we are always better off having a game plan.

By the way, the best rule of thumb in situations like this is to politely excuse yourself.  “No.  I really should be heading back.  It’s my night to read to the kids.”  It’s not perfect, but I think it works better than running out of the room screaming.  However, if that works for you, be my guest.

Share any good ideas from your drill time in the comment boxes.

Best Christmas Gift Ever

What was the best Christmas gift you ever received as a kid? Do you remember? Of course you do. What was it?

Please use the comment boxes to tell us.

For me it was an Atari 2600. I still remember opening the box on Christmas morning. Mom and Dad had gotten me the 2600 and a few games to boot. I FLIPPED OUT! I knew my folks were not crazy about video games, but they got me the system. Just thinking about that day brings back so many fun memories of swapping games with friends, tournaments, arguing over whose turn it was, and just hanging out.

I miss my Atari. I bought myself an Atari Flashback last Christmas. It’s okay, but the controllers aren’t the same. The games arent as responsive because of the infrared signal. Still, the nostalgia of playing is there.

After watching Mr Wizard take his Atari apart so he could show us how it looked inside I was forever hooked on computers. I took mine apart too, console and controllers. Put it back together too. Did I mention that I missed my 2600?

What about you?

Why I Hate Your College Football Team

Some friends and I were discussing football and the teams we liked versus the teams we hated.  It was determined that I hate pretty much every team they mentioned save about two.   Chances are, I hate your favorite football team as well. 

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