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Brotherhood and Community are Worth the Effort

I had a super busy weekend, and I hope that your weekend was a good one. If not, please consider leaving a prayer request.

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Let us pray for you

We have added a new page to allow you to send prayer requests to us. The form is anonymous if you don’t wish to share your name or email. Let us pray for you.


Focus Drill Idea for 12/24/14

Catholic guys should spend 30 minutes in focused thought to start their day. Non Catholics should too. Here are some suggestions.

Meditate on Sacred Scripture:
◾Proverbs 24
◾Psalm 24

Situational Response. Eliminate any persons from the scenario who do not apply to your family.
◾You are at an office party
◾Your spouse and children are at the movies
◾A co-worker says he/she has a room at the host hotel and invites you up for drinks

◾What is your response?
◾Now what do you do?

Hey.  I didn’t say every scenario would be about survival situations.  You need a game plan and general course of action for situations like this too because men and women are put in near occasions of sexual sin often.  When a temptation arises, we are always better off having a game plan.

By the way, the best rule of thumb in situations like this is to politely excuse yourself.  “No.  I really should be heading back.  It’s my night to read to the kids.”  It’s not perfect, but I think it works better than running out of the room screaming.  However, if that works for you, be my guest.

Share any good ideas from your drill time in the comment boxes.

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 006: Catholic Marriage and Vocation

Tonight on the Tactical Catholic Podcast, we will talk about the wonders of Catholic Marriage and Vocation.  Whether you are called to the Sacrament of Matrimony, are currently married, or are discerning a call to live as a single person in this world tonight’s show is for you.  Tonight on the podcast, join us and share your stories, comments and questions.

  • How did you meet your spouse?
  • How did you know you were called to the Vocation of Matrimony?
  • What are some things you do as a couple that help strengthen your marriage?
  • What are some ways single persons can discern marriage vs. a call to the single life or a call to Religious life?
  • Where can you go to find a good spouse?
  • What if one spouse is strong in the faith and the other is not?
  • Welcoming children
  • Embracing the single life

I have a whole list of things we can talk about, but what will make the show special is for YOU to interact.  Send your comments and questions to the show by posting a comment below this article.  Tell us what’s on your mind or ask us a question.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight LIVE at 9pm central.




Gotta Love Catholic Women

Typically Tactical Catholic tends to aim our writing and podcasts at Catholic guys. However, we understand that in many homes it is the wife who is the spiritual weightlifter.

Ladies, I am going to make myself explicitly clear, and I want you to read this carefully.

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Catholic Guys Need Encouragement

Catholic ladies, I’d like to make an appeal to you.  We, the Catholic men of the world, need encouragement.  Fewer and fewer of us understand the great weight that is placed upon our shoulders to be the men that God has called us to be.  Those of us who do understand the gravity of our vocation are often overwhelmed.  We feel as though it is us against the entire world and that the odds are steeply stacked against us.  These men need to be reminded that we are not alone and that we have our women to support and love us, whether you are our spouse, our friend, our sibling, our parent, or our child.  We so appreciate prayer and a word of encouragement.  Don’t stop praying.

Those who do not understand what it means to be a man called by God are living in ignorant bliss, like little boys with their toys.  Well, these men also need your prayers and support.  Without a nudge here and there and a challenge to better ourselves, we might otherwise hang on to childish ways and self-centered living, even within the sacrament of matrimony.  Men respond to a challenge, so challenge us.  Show us that you love us regardless, but give us a challenge to step up our game.  Bring us to a couples conference, challenge us to a scripture reading showdown (I can show you how to do this one), see who can out love the other.  Get us moving in the right direction.  And pray pray pray pray for our ongoing conversion.

Whether we are called to the sacrament of matrimony, holy orders, religious life, or the call to live as a single person in the world, women and men are designed to compliment one another.  We work best when we work together.  So consider this a challenge from us.  Love us fiercely, and refuse to let us slack off.  Do not let us sit idly while others grow in their faith and love.  Never cease to pray for us, and always ask the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope….

Miscarriage and Dealing with Loss

We learned yesterday that we have lost our baby. Obviously, we are hurting and sad as we go through the pains of separation and loss.

This time, more than any other in our family history, the responses of our friends have been supportive and not cliche.

For the uninitiated, let me explain. Oftentimes, death and loss are treated with cliche responses from well-meaning people. However, they seem to do more harm than good.

  • God needed another flower in his garden.
  • I know how you feel.
  • Your child is an angel now.
  • God will give you another one some day.
  • I lost a dog once.
  • This was God’s way of saying you don’t need another child.
  • I told you that you should have used contraception.
  • It was for the best.

We have heard them all. Believe me. Just not this time. This time we have what I believe is the proper response, namely, prayers and wishes of love.

  • We are so sorry for your loss.
  • We love you.
  • We are praying for you.
  • We are here for you.

No useless advice. No dumb hurtful sayings. Just love and concern. That is the initial response of Job’s friends. They sat with him and shared his grief. We can learn from them. Learn also from them that dumb advice is dumb. When they eventually do speak it is from commonly held superstition.

Listen, people who are grieving do not want advice. You do not know how they feel. What the grieving need is love. Love to a grieving person has the appearance of ears, prayers, and service. The best thing we can do is help and listen while we pray for their healing and peace.

I am grateful for the support and prayers of our friends as we go through this time of intense suffering. We know our friends are here. We know they care. I pray that if/when they need me I can behave in the same way.

Catholic Babies: We Make ‘Em



Wow! Way to go!

Yay! So excited!

Are you going to do something after this one?

Don’t you know how this happens?

How could you do this to your wife?

You know you have choices.

You need to do the responsible thing.

All common responses to your newly announced pregnancy. By the way, we are expecting. The responses above are a sampling of the actual responses we received. All came from professing Christians. They represent the gamut of opinion in our world today.

It is difficult to explain, even to other Christians, why we do not practice contraception. They cannot grasp the concept, being themselves so steeped in the contraceptive and self-centered mentality of this age.

Children are not a harvestable commodity, nor are they a disease to be innoculated against, nor are they a choice. Children are a gift from God. They are a blessing every married couple should be open to receive.

So we aren’t going to live in a fancy house or take huge european trips. Who cares? We take family trips. We have family outings. We eat our meals together. We go to Mass together. We pray together.

It is our mindset to be other focused. That is what those last commenters and the world that teaches them do not get. We live for our kids. They are not accessories. We invest everything we are in them. They, in turn, learn the value of sacrifice, selflessness, faith, trust, community, and real love.

I love my wife. I lay my life down for her. She does the same for me, for better or for worse. Our kids love us and one another, through all the typical sibling scuffles. Living for the good of another is love. God loves us in the same manner, sparing nothing to draw us ever nearer.

Dudes, I am not saying have a million kids. I am saying change your mindset today. Love those kids. Love your wife. Live totally for their good. When you and your wife come together, be open to receive new life. It requires sacrifice. Above all it requires total self-giving love.

Have the courage to love.

By the way, my typical response to “Do you know how this happens?” is, “Sure do. We’re good at it too. Want me to explain it to you?”


You Live for Another. That’s Love!

Popular culture has no clue what love is. It is almost always reduced to pleasant feelings expressed through physical intimacy. Obviously, feelings and attraction play a role, and there is nothing wrong with physical intimacy according to God’s design, but these are only symptoms of a far more powerful reality. This reality must be there or else all the physical attractiveness, pheromones, and pleasure are empty, masturbatory objectification of another.

What must be present is total self donation. Real love means you no longer live for yourself, nor do you live for another that you might receive something. Total self donation is what real and lasting love is, and it is a choice that must be renewed in mind and body at all times.

Living completely for the good of another is total living sacrifice. It does not ask nor expect anything. No manipulation. No “you owe me one”. No “if you loved me you would…”. Every action, thought, and word is for someone else’s betterment.

Do you have the balls to choose love? Or would you rather settle for the crappy clones offered by the enemy? They won’t last. They won’t fulfil. You won’t be happy.

If you have the courage, and are willing to grow in love, MAN will you have freedom! God isn’t stupid either, because He can give you what you need. Trust him for that whether you are called to religious life, to celibacy, to the married state, or to holy orders. All you have to do is give yourself fully. Hold nothing back.

Dads and husbands and those in other vocations, it is not too late to change. Choose now to love. From this moment on. Receive the grace from Christ to fulfil your vocation. Love without reserve. Love fearlessly. Love when nobody else loves.

This is our challenge. Let us pray for each other as we choose love daily.