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Website Review 001: Survivalist Prepper

survival prepareTactical Catholic’s Review of Survivalist Prepper


I have followed Dale and Lisa at Survivalist Prepper for some time now.  In fact, I am pretty sure I found their podcast before I found their website.  They’ve been at this for a while and have a large following both for their site and for their podcast.  Dale recently launched a live video show SPTV as part of the Apoco-List community on Google Plus that is worth checking out.

Survivalist Prepper is all about practical ways you and I can prepare for emergencies BEFORE they happen.  Every week, Dale and Lisa share from their own experiences as well as persons in their network of friends.  They are NOT the sort of crackpots you typically see labeled as survivalists.  In fact, I like to think that in most ways they are a lot like me.  No need to panic or dive into conspiracy theories.  Just take time to prepare yourself and your loved ones in the event of a disaster, be it a small thing like an accident injury or a large event like a flash flood.  Dale and Lisa write from a balanced perspective with a healthy dose of humor.

As I’ve been following this site for some time I can tell you that they cover pretty much any topic.  Nothing is off limits.  So, you should have no problem searching their site for helpful tips and tricks you can use.  The search feature is prominently displayed at the top of any page so you can quickly look for what you want.

The layout of the page has continued to improve.  Using a responsive design, Survivalist Prepper shows up good on a PC, a tablet, or a mobile device.  The nav menu is a cinch to use, and all of their social networks are plainly displayed as icons at the top of the page.  Navigation and information finding is super easy, and I’ve already told you how much I like the content.

Another thing I like about Survivalist Prepper is that they do a lot of legwork for me.  By that I mean that their network of friends and their research enables them to post summaries and links to articles from all over the web that I might find interesting.  While not an aggregate site, I know that as I read through the pages, I’ll find links to other good content elsewhere without having to do a lot of searching on my own.  Heck, they have their own gear store where you can buy the equipment they review!  I can say this too because I feel like I know them.  They are not going to sell you something unless they would use it themselves.

In conclusion, you should check this site out.  Guys, Dale is the kind of guy you’d benefit from knowing.  Lisa is also a genius when it comes to medicine and first aid.  The content is superb and the site is clean and efficient.  Bookmark Survivalist Prepper and visit often.  Consider subscribing to the podcast like me and we can talk about the show sometime.


The Tactical Catholic Web Site Reviews

catholic job description

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve added some new links to the fold.  The link lists are about to blow up because I’m in the process of adding a new segment to this blog and the show.  That’s right, true believers, we’re going to start reviewing websites.

Before I go hog wild with this I want you to understand Tactical Catholic’s Rules for Web Site Reviews:

  1. I will review any website I want.
  2. Reviews will cover content as well as structure and design.
  3. Just because I review a site doesn’t mean I endorse it.
  4. Just because I endorse a site doesn’t mean I will bias my review.
  5. I will accept suggestions for sites to review (use my contact form).

Look for more on this in the future.

Did I mention that I love this new rig!  Man, it’s so much easier to work with an actual keyboard than a touchpad!!!


Personality Types Are Good to Know

Dale and Lisa at put out a great podcast this week on the topic of personality types. I want you to go to download it right now.

I have been inspired by Dale and Lisa to do a show on personality types in the family. So be looking for that on the podcast in the coming weeks.

Why are you still here? Go listen to them and come back in a few.

Live show tonight

Live podcast tonight, folks. Tonight we will discuss all things Lent. Get your hair shirt ready.

I mentioned before that we are on Tunein.

Thoughts from a Catholic

Go read this right now.


Tactical Catholic Podcast on TuneIn

We are now available on TuneIn. Click here to check us out.

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What Podcast Will You Listen to Today?

Today is just a question for discussion. You already know the Tactical Catholic Podcast is available on Stitcher and iTunes. What I want to know is, besides the best Catholic podcast (mine), what podcast(s) are going to listen to today?

In my queue today:

  • Survivalist Prepper w/ Dale and Lisa
  • Retronauts
  • Armed Squirrels Project Podcast


Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 012 LIVE tonight!

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 012:  Chris Jericho vs the Jesus Fish.

In our Main Event, wrestler, rocker, actor, author, and gazillionaire Chris Jericho takes on the Jesus Fish in a no holds barred Texas Death Match with your entertainment dollar on the line. Who will win?  Join us tonight to find out.

9pm central tonight at

Listen, watch, chat, tweet, or call to tag in and join the party.

In the meantime, riddle me these:

  • What is your favorite color?
  • Who is your fave band?
  • What book are you reading?
  • Most watched television program?
  • Relish on hot dogs?


Updated Page – Podcast

Look at the top of the page and you’ll see a new page called Podcast.  Soon it will be prettier so don’t get your undies in a bunch.  It was important to me to list the growing sites where the podcast can be found.  It would help us a great deal if you would take a moment to leave a review on Stitcher and iTunes.  Your reviews help us to be found.  If you have a podcast and you’d like for us to review it, we’re happy to swap.  I’m always looking for new podcasts to download.

VeggieTales on Netflix is a boon for Christianity

I am excited to see VeggieTales coming to Netflix for Thanksgiving 2014. In this Netflix exclusive from Big Idea Entertainment there are 13 episodes lined up for season one alone! If you or your children have ever enjoyed the VeggieTales series, do they have a show for you! Read the rest of this entry