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Thoughts from a Catholic

Go read this right now.


What Podcast Will You Listen to Today?

Today is just a question for discussion. You already know the Tactical Catholic Podcast is available on Stitcher and iTunes. What I want to know is, besides the best Catholic podcast (mine), what podcast(s) are going to listen to today?

In my queue today:

  • Survivalist Prepper w/ Dale and Lisa
  • Retronauts
  • Armed Squirrels Project Podcast


Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 013: Mary, Mary, Mary

Tactical Catholic goes live tonight at 9pm central with episode 013. Tonight we are talking about the Blessed Mother. What role does the Virgin Mary play in salvation history?

Join us at 9pm central.

Missed the show or want to listen to previous shows? Tactical Catholic is on Stitcher and iTunes.

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 012 LIVE tonight!

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 012:  Chris Jericho vs the Jesus Fish.

In our Main Event, wrestler, rocker, actor, author, and gazillionaire Chris Jericho takes on the Jesus Fish in a no holds barred Texas Death Match with your entertainment dollar on the line. Who will win?  Join us tonight to find out.

9pm central tonight at

Listen, watch, chat, tweet, or call to tag in and join the party.

In the meantime, riddle me these:

  • What is your favorite color?
  • Who is your fave band?
  • What book are you reading?
  • Most watched television program?
  • Relish on hot dogs?


Updated Page – Podcast

Look at the top of the page and you’ll see a new page called Podcast.  Soon it will be prettier so don’t get your undies in a bunch.  It was important to me to list the growing sites where the podcast can be found.  It would help us a great deal if you would take a moment to leave a review on Stitcher and iTunes.  Your reviews help us to be found.  If you have a podcast and you’d like for us to review it, we’re happy to swap.  I’m always looking for new podcasts to download.

Focus Drill Idea for 12/24/14

Catholic guys should spend 30 minutes in focused thought to start their day. Non Catholics should too. Here are some suggestions.

Meditate on Sacred Scripture:
◾Proverbs 24
◾Psalm 24

Situational Response. Eliminate any persons from the scenario who do not apply to your family.
◾You are at an office party
◾Your spouse and children are at the movies
◾A co-worker says he/she has a room at the host hotel and invites you up for drinks

◾What is your response?
◾Now what do you do?

Hey.  I didn’t say every scenario would be about survival situations.  You need a game plan and general course of action for situations like this too because men and women are put in near occasions of sexual sin often.  When a temptation arises, we are always better off having a game plan.

By the way, the best rule of thumb in situations like this is to politely excuse yourself.  “No.  I really should be heading back.  It’s my night to read to the kids.”  It’s not perfect, but I think it works better than running out of the room screaming.  However, if that works for you, be my guest.

Share any good ideas from your drill time in the comment boxes.

Do I Hate Your College Football Team

After my post describing why I hate your football team I was asked by several of you just who these teams were. For your reading pleasure I will list the teams I hate. Read the rest of this entry

New Tactical Catholic Podcast Segment Debuts Wednesday

We are debuting a new segment Wednesday night on the Tactical Catholic Podcast (Live Wednesday nights at 9pm central at Fiat Ministry Network).

Tactical Catholic Listener Mailbag!

Are you excited yet? Did you already ask Cortana to set a calendar reminder?

We get letters and chat questions pre/post show that we want to answer. It’s just one more way we are adding interactive features to the podcast. In fact, Wednesday night’s episode is a response to chat conversations from listeners a couple of weeks ago.

We love hearing from you, so keep on joining us live, chat with us, skype in, download the podcast, leave a voice mail, or email us. We read everything and we do our best to respond quickly.

If you have a comment or question for us, use my contact form and drop me a line.

Thanks again for your viewership, your downloads, and your prayers. Y’all make this show a joy to do each week.

VeggieTales on Netflix is a boon for Christianity

I am excited to see VeggieTales coming to Netflix for Thanksgiving 2014. In this Netflix exclusive from Big Idea Entertainment there are 13 episodes lined up for season one alone! If you or your children have ever enjoyed the VeggieTales series, do they have a show for you! Read the rest of this entry

It’s Cold Outside! Buy All the Bread & Milk!

bread and mild gone

In the South, temperatures rarely go below freezing, but when they do it is as though a SNOWPOCALYPSE befallen the south. Fearing they may be trapped by the forecasted 1/2″ of ice, citizens rush to the store and buy every last bread, milk, and bacon (yup) in the store. Read the rest of this entry