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squirrel coffeeFirst of all, thank you for subscribing to the blog.  I have enjoyed your feedback.  Now that I have permanent hosting, I invite you to visit and subscribe to the new site.

This site will be shutting down soon, but I need to make sure all of you are moving with me.  Please update your links today.


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The Tactical Catholic is moving.  Update your bookmarks to reflect  If you had already saved that url, you’re good to go.  There is A LOT to do, so bear with me, but trust me when I say that the new host will allow us to add additional features not available on the free hosting.

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On the road to sainthood and not silent about it

hypocrites in church

I had an interesting conversation with a podcast listener about a week ago.  They had listened to some of the podcasts and were accusing me of being “holier than thou” when in fact I was a hypocrite.  Their conclusion was that I was in no position to tell anyone anything related to faith and morals because of my own imperfections.

Were they right?

Saints did not get that way because God zapped them and suddenly all their imperfections were gone.  They are saints because they cooperated with the grace of God and grew in holiness.  Read their stories.  You’ll find real people with real struggles.  You’ll also find that they were still sharing their faith as they struggled.  People didn’t only start listening to them after they had been canonized saints by the Church.  Folks were listening to them the whole time, even in the tough times.

Here’s what I have to say to the ones wishing to point out my faults.  Do I have them?  Loads of imperfections and lots of mistakes are mine on a near daily basis.  Here’s the difference: I don’t claim perfection.  In fact, I tend to use my constant idiocy as proof that God’s grace and mercy still work.  Listen to the podcast often enough and you’ll hear it.  His discipline and correction in my life is proof to me that God still loves me and wants me to be part of his kingdom.  Otherwise, He’d leave me alone to pursue whatever and end up dead and separated from Him forever.  But He doesn’t.

I’m not perfect.  I sin often.  But I go to confession.  I do penance.  I work at growing in holiness.  All the while I share the faith. I’m fortunate to have been taught a great deal by the saints, my pastors, my spiritual director, and scads of good books.  When I fail I cannot plead ignorance.  So I struggle on.  God has been good to me, not only to forgive me and put me on the right path, but also to provide me with a community in which to grow.

For those who wish to be left alone and not be faced with a moral obligation, be it from me, the Pope, or anyone else, let me encourage you to avoid isolation.  Let me further encourage you to seek Christian community where you can be challenged to be the person you were created to be.  Community makes the difference, and you need it as much as I do.

Chances are good that there are opportunities for building community in your home parish, and there are good places online to find additional folks to help you with whatever you might be facing.  Of course, you can always hook up with us at The Tactical Catholic Podcast or any of the programs at the Fiat Ministry Network.  We would love to talk to you, pray with you, and get to know you.  Just don’t go at it alone.

And don’t wait until you’re perfect before you share your faith.  Your real struggles might be the key to helping someone else find the hope they need.


Back from Posting Hiatus

cute dog

Show listeners know that we’ve been out for a couple of weeks while the Tactical Catholic Podcast was on break.  Everyone is refreshed and ready to get back at it.  In fact, we recorded episode 031 Wednesday night with our special guest George Boggs.  Together we discussed faith and science, and it was a lot of fun.  George will be back to the show in the future, I guarantee it.

Lots of things are in the works for the show and for this site, so stick around.  As always, we appreciate your feedback, so use the contact form and the prayer request form (tabs above) to let us know how we can help you.

Know that everyone at The Tactical Catholic is praying for you.  We look forward to our next conversation.  God bless.

Mondays Are Not Easy

What can you do when the s%#* hits the fan? Mondays are for many people a difficult day. Think about it. Friday’s tasks that didnt get finished plus anything that cropped up over the weekend. Add to that one or two days that you had “off” breaking your routine and you have a recipe for trouble.

What can you do when it piles up? Well, there isnt anything you can do to stop life from happening. People do their thing. Events happen. Work comes at you. What you can do is control your responses and dont give in to thoughtless reactions. Are you gonna flip out? Won’t help. Want to vent and complain? What will that get done? When it comes down to it, the only thing that gets work done is, you guessed it, work.

The trick is time and attitude management. Cut the whining and you will have more time to finish tasks. Have a positive attack on the work and you will get more done than with a griping attitude. It works, folks.

I like to look at everything like a game. I am on the offense to knock out as many items as I can. Penalties apply when you make mistakes, so do it right the first time. Bonus points if you go above and beyond. Score yourself at the end of the day.

What strategies work for you? Tell us below.


Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 028: Wonder and Awesome at Mass

What is your beef with the Mass in your parish?  Do you find yourself wishing you could get more out of Mass?  Tonight’s Tactical Catholic Podcast LIVE is all about the Mass, and I want to talk to you about the things that bother you.  Read the rest of this entry

Scheduling Good Catholic Podcasts

We have been working hard to get our Tactical Catholic Podcast schedule complete through the summer. We are all set through end of July now. Every topic and every guest is set, with a little flexibility built in in case we need to adjust on the fly.

We are grateful to all of our listeners and podcast subscribers for making the Tactical Catholic Podcast so much fun to do each week.

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Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 024: Comic Books & the Church’s SECRET POWER

JP the Great Comic Book

Tonight on the Tactical Catholic Podcast, we’re talking all things Comic Books.  Did you know Marvel Comics published a comic book about St. John Paul II when he was Pope?  They did.  We will discuss comic books, comic book films, geek culture, …. nothing is off limits tonight.  PLUS, to be revealed in this episode, THE CHURCH’S SECRET POWER.  Why would you want to miss this?  Tune in tonight to Fiat Ministry Network at 9pm central time.

PS.  If anybody has this comic book, PLEASE OH PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Website Review 001: Survivalist Prepper

survival prepareTactical Catholic’s Review of Survivalist Prepper


I have followed Dale and Lisa at Survivalist Prepper for some time now.  In fact, I am pretty sure I found their podcast before I found their website.  They’ve been at this for a while and have a large following both for their site and for their podcast.  Dale recently launched a live video show SPTV as part of the Apoco-List community on Google Plus that is worth checking out.

Survivalist Prepper is all about practical ways you and I can prepare for emergencies BEFORE they happen.  Every week, Dale and Lisa share from their own experiences as well as persons in their network of friends.  They are NOT the sort of crackpots you typically see labeled as survivalists.  In fact, I like to think that in most ways they are a lot like me.  No need to panic or dive into conspiracy theories.  Just take time to prepare yourself and your loved ones in the event of a disaster, be it a small thing like an accident injury or a large event like a flash flood.  Dale and Lisa write from a balanced perspective with a healthy dose of humor.

As I’ve been following this site for some time I can tell you that they cover pretty much any topic.  Nothing is off limits.  So, you should have no problem searching their site for helpful tips and tricks you can use.  The search feature is prominently displayed at the top of any page so you can quickly look for what you want.

The layout of the page has continued to improve.  Using a responsive design, Survivalist Prepper shows up good on a PC, a tablet, or a mobile device.  The nav menu is a cinch to use, and all of their social networks are plainly displayed as icons at the top of the page.  Navigation and information finding is super easy, and I’ve already told you how much I like the content.

Another thing I like about Survivalist Prepper is that they do a lot of legwork for me.  By that I mean that their network of friends and their research enables them to post summaries and links to articles from all over the web that I might find interesting.  While not an aggregate site, I know that as I read through the pages, I’ll find links to other good content elsewhere without having to do a lot of searching on my own.  Heck, they have their own gear store where you can buy the equipment they review!  I can say this too because I feel like I know them.  They are not going to sell you something unless they would use it themselves.

In conclusion, you should check this site out.  Guys, Dale is the kind of guy you’d benefit from knowing.  Lisa is also a genius when it comes to medicine and first aid.  The content is superb and the site is clean and efficient.  Bookmark Survivalist Prepper and visit often.  Consider subscribing to the podcast like me and we can talk about the show sometime.


Personality Types Are Good to Know

Dale and Lisa at put out a great podcast this week on the topic of personality types. I want you to go to download it right now.

I have been inspired by Dale and Lisa to do a show on personality types in the family. So be looking for that on the podcast in the coming weeks.

Why are you still here? Go listen to them and come back in a few.