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Live show tonight

Live podcast tonight, folks. Tonight we will discuss all things Lent. Get your hair shirt ready.

I mentioned before that we are on Tunein.

Tactical Catholic Podcast Episode 016

Live tonight at 9pm central we will discuss the Superbowl, nachos, youth sports, the hidden danger of ribbon, a d the virtue of wrestling (always).

Also, you will learn why I must despise Disney now. It’s true.

Join us tonight at

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Thoughts from a Catholic

Go read this right now.


Tactical Catholic Podcast on TuneIn

We are now available on TuneIn. Click here to check us out.

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Live Catholic Podcast Wednesday Night

Things will be back to normal on Wednesday when the Tactical Catholic Podcast returns LIVE Wednesday night at 9pm central.

In the meantime, you can download previous episodes on iTunes. Or hop over to to watch the video.

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New Tactical Catholic Podcast Segment Debuts Wednesday

We are debuting a new segment Wednesday night on the Tactical Catholic Podcast (Live Wednesday nights at 9pm central at Fiat Ministry Network).

Tactical Catholic Listener Mailbag!

Are you excited yet? Did you already ask Cortana to set a calendar reminder?

We get letters and chat questions pre/post show that we want to answer. It’s just one more way we are adding interactive features to the podcast. In fact, Wednesday night’s episode is a response to chat conversations from listeners a couple of weeks ago.

We love hearing from you, so keep on joining us live, chat with us, skype in, download the podcast, leave a voice mail, or email us. We read everything and we do our best to respond quickly.

If you have a comment or question for us, use my contact form and drop me a line.

Thanks again for your viewership, your downloads, and your prayers. Y’all make this show a joy to do each week.

Listen to the Tactical Catholic Podcast on iTunes

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Easy Ways to Help The Tactical Catholic

Every week I close my podcast by reminding you that we need your help to make our ministry grow.  Yes, it’s shameless, but we’re honest when we say that we will never get anywhere without you.  It’s true.  As for the Fiat Ministry Network, we are a growing group of lay evangelists, each trying to use our passions and talents to reach others with a message of encouragement.  The Tactical Catholic is here because I have a heart for engaging other men in their faith and helping them to network and encourage one another.  From the start, I have been blessed to meet so many very cool guys from all across this continent and all walks of life.

Here are some ways you can instantly impact the future of The Tactical Catholic Podcast: Read the rest of this entry

Catholic and Southern by the Grace of God

Tonight on The Tactical Catholic Podcast we will discuss the explosion of growth in southern Catholic parishes and what it is like being a “papist” in the Bible Belt.

If you are a Catholic in the South I would especially like to hear from you. Consider joining our official unofficial Southern Catholic Convention.

9pm central at

Introducing the Southern Catholic Convention

Since I’ve been nominated (by myself) as the President of the Southern Catholic Convention, I have decided to flex my super powers to bring a gift to you, the blogosphere.

I’m proud to introduce to you the official Southern Catholic Convention website.

Here’s what I want to happen, and I command it because I am your president.  I learned that from another president I saw one time.  I want all Catholic bloggers and site owners to join me in the Southern Catholic Convention.  When you go to the site, you’ll see the basic layout and the submit your site form.

Phase 1: Round up

– Sites properly submitted will receive a link on the main page, along with whatever “hover” text you want.

– Sites will be divided into Southern Catholics and Great Commission Catholics (for the rest of you because I’m cool like that).

– Opportunities will be provided for you to write or share feature articles on this site, linked back to your site.

Phase 2: Aggregation

– Feeds will be submitted to the site so that we receive your new posts as they are published.

– Look will move toward a “magazine” feel so we can also feature your post images.