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Scheduling Good Catholic Podcasts

We have been working hard to get our Tactical Catholic Podcast schedule complete through the summer. We are all set through end of July now. Every topic and every guest is set, with a little flexibility built in in case we need to adjust on the fly.

We are grateful to all of our listeners and podcast subscribers for making the Tactical Catholic Podcast so much fun to do each week.

Click the links on the left to subscribe today. Your subscription via iTunes, Stitcher, or RSS helps us to increase our visibility on those sites, which means more people have a chance to join us in community!

Introducing the Southern Catholic Convention

Since I’ve been nominated (by myself) as the President of the Southern Catholic Convention, I have decided to flex my super powers to bring a gift to you, the blogosphere.

I’m proud to introduce to you the official Southern Catholic Convention website.

Here’s what I want to happen, and I command it because I am your president.  I learned that from another president I saw one time.  I want all Catholic bloggers and site owners to join me in the Southern Catholic Convention.  When you go to the site, you’ll see the basic layout and the submit your site form.

Phase 1: Round up

– Sites properly submitted will receive a link on the main page, along with whatever “hover” text you want.

– Sites will be divided into Southern Catholics and Great Commission Catholics (for the rest of you because I’m cool like that).

– Opportunities will be provided for you to write or share feature articles on this site, linked back to your site.

Phase 2: Aggregation

– Feeds will be submitted to the site so that we receive your new posts as they are published.

– Look will move toward a “magazine” feel so we can also feature your post images.

Tactical Catholics Around the Globe

I took a minute to look at site stats this evening. I was so excited to see visitors from all over the world. The bulk of my visitors are North Americans, but look at these other countries. Welcome to all of you!

What’s missing is your interaction. Guys, I’m looking at you first. This isn’t nearly as much fun if you’re not talking with me. Actually, I want all of us talking together. So start chatting it up. Ladies, I’m not leaving you out either. I see that several of my subscribers and Twitter followers are females. We need your feedback and encouragement too.


United States FlagUnited States
Canada FlagCanada
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom
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Australia FlagAustralia
Philippines FlagPhilippines
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea
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South Africa FlagSouth Africa
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Video Fixed. Let’s Start a Video Podcast

Now that we have video solved, we are moving forward with the podcast.

I tested my mobile audio kit this morning, and I will be adding this raw first episode of The Tactical Catholic very soon. I do wanna check the levels and stuff, so it may be tomorrow before it goes up.

So, if all goes according to plan, I will have the audio only for you and (later) the video as well. So you can pick.

The video is gonna be fun because we will be recording LIVE. You will be able to call in, chat, tweet, whatever. Anything goes. It’s THUNDERDOME!!

Your interaction is key, and it starts now. Talk to me. Give me feedback. Stroke my ego or tear me a new one. Suggest. Comment. Fight. Argue. It really doesn’t matter.

Get going on the participation. I am gonna look at some audio files in Audacity.

Fiat Ministry – Say Yes to Christ

I have been talking to my friends at Fiat Ministry Network. I had originally been scheduled to appear as a network guest Sunday night, but I failed to notice a prir engagement. Lesson, guys, check the family calendar first.

So my network appearance has been pushed back a bit. That’s alright, because it gives me more time to put together what I am planning to do media-wise. A podcast/vidstream is in the works. Thanks to everyone who has been patiently answering my questions regarding equipment and software.

What does this mean for you?

My main objective is to reach, engage, and challenge Catholic men to discover the wonder of their faith, especially as it pertains to being a man, husband, father, and friend. It will take involvement from you to make this work. Here is what I need.

  1. Prayers. I gotta have them. More than me, pray for the guys that network here or even just stumble upon the site.
  2. Interaction. The more we can communicate on the web, the stronger our ability to reach more of the web. Comment on the site. Follow us on Twitter (@manlycathoics). Link to us. Talk about us. Talk to us.
  3. Share information. I need good content. Any article you share here can link to your site. It is your content with your name. If you want anonymity, we can do that too. Leave a comment and I will reach out to you.

The more interactive the better. Give me your ideas. I like skype, hangouts, twitter, whatever helps us help each other.

Keep spreading the word guys.


Tactical Catholic Podcast?

So I am considering the possibility of a podcast for Tactical Catholic. Personally, I think it would be fun to do live broadcasts, interviews and chats. I love connecting with new friends.

If I were to start this and make it live, it would be in the evening. I would be curious to hear if you prefer one night over another. Comment below.

Interested in being on the show? Tell me.

New Contact Form

We have a new direct contact page at Tactical Catholic. If you would like to drop us a line, head over to this page. Read the rest of this entry

Catholic Thumbs – Media Use As You Like It

Did you know that for the past two months I have managed my accounts and these posts using only my thumbs?

Read the rest of this entry