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On the road to sainthood and not silent about it

hypocrites in church

I had an interesting conversation with a podcast listener about a week ago.  They had listened to some of the podcasts and were accusing me of being “holier than thou” when in fact I was a hypocrite.  Their conclusion was that I was in no position to tell anyone anything related to faith and morals because of my own imperfections.

Were they right?

Saints did not get that way because God zapped them and suddenly all their imperfections were gone.  They are saints because they cooperated with the grace of God and grew in holiness.  Read their stories.  You’ll find real people with real struggles.  You’ll also find that they were still sharing their faith as they struggled.  People didn’t only start listening to them after they had been canonized saints by the Church.  Folks were listening to them the whole time, even in the tough times.

Here’s what I have to say to the ones wishing to point out my faults.  Do I have them?  Loads of imperfections and lots of mistakes are mine on a near daily basis.  Here’s the difference: I don’t claim perfection.  In fact, I tend to use my constant idiocy as proof that God’s grace and mercy still work.  Listen to the podcast often enough and you’ll hear it.  His discipline and correction in my life is proof to me that God still loves me and wants me to be part of his kingdom.  Otherwise, He’d leave me alone to pursue whatever and end up dead and separated from Him forever.  But He doesn’t.

I’m not perfect.  I sin often.  But I go to confession.  I do penance.  I work at growing in holiness.  All the while I share the faith. I’m fortunate to have been taught a great deal by the saints, my pastors, my spiritual director, and scads of good books.  When I fail I cannot plead ignorance.  So I struggle on.  God has been good to me, not only to forgive me and put me on the right path, but also to provide me with a community in which to grow.

For those who wish to be left alone and not be faced with a moral obligation, be it from me, the Pope, or anyone else, let me encourage you to avoid isolation.  Let me further encourage you to seek Christian community where you can be challenged to be the person you were created to be.  Community makes the difference, and you need it as much as I do.

Chances are good that there are opportunities for building community in your home parish, and there are good places online to find additional folks to help you with whatever you might be facing.  Of course, you can always hook up with us at The Tactical Catholic Podcast or any of the programs at the Fiat Ministry Network.  We would love to talk to you, pray with you, and get to know you.  Just don’t go at it alone.

And don’t wait until you’re perfect before you share your faith.  Your real struggles might be the key to helping someone else find the hope they need.


Tactical Catholic Podcast: The Catholic Cafe

Wednesday night we welcome the hosts of The Catholic Cafe, Deacon Jeff and Tom Dorian. These men are true SUPERSTARS of the web and I am glad to count them among my friends.

There will be lots of fun to be had on the live show, so I hope you will join us Wednesday at 9pm central on the Fiat Ministry Network.

Brotherhood and Community are Worth the Effort

I had a super busy weekend, and I hope that your weekend was a good one. If not, please consider leaving a prayer request.

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Let us pray for you

We have added a new page to allow you to send prayer requests to us. The form is anonymous if you don’t wish to share your name or email. Let us pray for you.


The Catholic Fellows

I just met these guys through the interwebs and I’d like for you to visit their site.  The Catholic Fellows is about building strong Christian men through community, and you know the Tactical Catholic is all for that.  Check their mission statement.

Empowering men through His Most Holy Church. We are individual fellows at varying stages in life who all want to grow to be more like Christ. God is our greatest strength, and he has given us his saints for standards. The Catholic Fellows aim to empower other fellows, wherever they are in this world, to take up their cross, and walk in love with Christ.

Guys, this is a well designed site with a strong concept. They are building content and an audience and YOU are going to take some time to visit their site and be encouraged.  I would also challenge you to consider joining their fellowship.  The bar is high, my friends, but that is the way it should be, challenging each other to do more and be more.

Now why would Tactical Catholic promote a site that is doing the SAME THING as he’s doing?  Well, for starters, they have better art.  Seriously, men, there is no such thing as competition when it comes to laboring in the mission fields.  We are all fellow laborers and working for the same Jewish carpenter.  Far be it from me to try to horde my readers and podcast listeners.  My goals are similar to theirs, to help us all to grow together in Christ.  Plus, they advocate meeting in pubs!  You can’t argue with theology on tap (no trademark infringement intended), my brethren.

Don’t take my word for it.  Pop over to The Catholic Fellows and give a look.  Please tell them that I sent you and that I’m happy to have met more good men from JP Catholic!

To learn more about The Catholic Fellows, visit their website.

RCIA: How a Year-Round Model Works

More and more parishes are seeing the benefits of engaging a year round RCIA, but some pastors are hesitant. They pause because they likely have never seen it in action. What does a year round RCIA look like? Read the rest of this entry

Why Tactical Catholic Joined the Fiat Ministry Network

Several of you have written in to ask how I got connected to the Fiat Ministry Network to bring The Tactical Catholic LIVE to your house.  Here you go. Read the rest of this entry

Tactical Catholic Podcast?

So I am considering the possibility of a podcast for Tactical Catholic. Personally, I think it would be fun to do live broadcasts, interviews and chats. I love connecting with new friends.

If I were to start this and make it live, it would be in the evening. I would be curious to hear if you prefer one night over another. Comment below.

Interested in being on the show? Tell me.

Catholic Men, Read Your Bible Daily

It is second nature to me to read my Bible regularly, but as I connect with Catholic men around this country I do seem to run into several guys who aren’t big Bible readers.  That has to change, guys. Read the rest of this entry

New Contact Form

We have a new direct contact page at Tactical Catholic. If you would like to drop us a line, head over to this page. Read the rest of this entry