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Tactical Catholic Podcast 030: RACK Em!

Tonight on the Tactical Catholic Podcast we are talking about Random Acts of Christian Kindness. This is the simplest way you and I can share the faith. Join us tonight at 9pm central with your own ideas.

Mondays Are Not Easy

What can you do when the s%#* hits the fan? Mondays are for many people a difficult day. Think about it. Friday’s tasks that didnt get finished plus anything that cropped up over the weekend. Add to that one or two days that you had “off” breaking your routine and you have a recipe for trouble.

What can you do when it piles up? Well, there isnt anything you can do to stop life from happening. People do their thing. Events happen. Work comes at you. What you can do is control your responses and dont give in to thoughtless reactions. Are you gonna flip out? Won’t help. Want to vent and complain? What will that get done? When it comes down to it, the only thing that gets work done is, you guessed it, work.

The trick is time and attitude management. Cut the whining and you will have more time to finish tasks. Have a positive attack on the work and you will get more done than with a griping attitude. It works, folks.

I like to look at everything like a game. I am on the offense to knock out as many items as I can. Penalties apply when you make mistakes, so do it right the first time. Bonus points if you go above and beyond. Score yourself at the end of the day.

What strategies work for you? Tell us below.