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andy mcnutt catholicI am a Catholic dad, husband, and Bible nut. I began Tactical Catholic as a way to break back into the interwebs after a long web hiatus.

Previously, I spent several years ministering in Southern Baptist congregations before coming into full communion with the Catholic Church in 2002. I hold undergraduate and graduate education in Sacred Scripture, Theology, History, Evangelism, and Biblical Languages.

While I no longer minister full-time, I do serve the Church as a lay evangelist, teaching, writing, and speaking as the Lord provides opportunity. If I can help you in any of these capacities, you may contact me here.

I have been blessed to have worked with a number of Catholic programs including

  • Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd
  • The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi
  • The Coming Home Network International
  • The Fiat Ministry Network
  • Legatus
  • Revolution of Love
  • Deep in Scripture
  • The Catholic Cafe
  • Morning Air on Relevant Radio
  1. Catholic and a real Man, a rare thing in 2015. Endangered species?


    • There seems to be a decline in general manlinless in the world, replaced by wimpiness or machismo, neither of which fit the bill of “manly”. I want to see guys be guys, and to be the best guys they can be for their sake and the sake of their progeny.


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