EVANGELIZATION – Witness Si Teacher No

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The Evangelizing Catholic

Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba in January 1959 and remarkably, against the odds of age and the fortunes of friends and adversaries, he is still the titular head of that country, 60 years later.  After revealing himself as a dedicated Marxist, his opponents tried to overthrow his dictatorial regime with the cry, Cuba Si, Castro No.  I was living in Latin America at the time and the slogan became lodged in my memory.  The slogan came back to me when I was listening to a broadcast on Catholic Answers Live with Scott Hahn, the noted theologian and convert to the Faith. When asked how one should go about spreading the Good News, Scott Hahn replied that the most effective form of evangelization was to witness to the faith rather than attempting to explain it.  Paraphrasing the anti-Castro slogan, the catchphrase of contemporary evangelization  should be, Witness Si, Teacher No!

The words “new evangelization” was first coined by Pope John Paul…

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