It’s Cold Outside! Buy All the Bread & Milk!

bread and mild gone

In the South, temperatures rarely go below freezing, but when they do it is as though a SNOWPOCALYPSE befallen the south. Fearing they may be trapped by the forecasted 1/2″ of ice, citizens rush to the store and buy every last bread, milk, and bacon (yup) in the store.

It happens every year for as long as I can remember. What are you going to do with all that bread? If the power does go out, do you plan to eat raw bacon?

I understand Southern cities not being as prepared to handle winter road problems, but the bread thing is an enigma. Why the panic?

By the way, Henry Cho did a funny bit about this in his TV special. Check Amazon Instant or Netflix and watch it. Funny (and clean). Plus, Henry is Southern!!!


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