Easy Ways to Help The Tactical Catholic

Every week I close my podcast by reminding you that we need your help to make our ministry grow.  Yes, it’s shameless, but we’re honest when we say that we will never get anywhere without you.  It’s true.  As for the Fiat Ministry Network, we are a growing group of lay evangelists, each trying to use our passions and talents to reach others with a message of encouragement.  The Tactical Catholic is here because I have a heart for engaging other men in their faith and helping them to network and encourage one another.  From the start, I have been blessed to meet so many very cool guys from all across this continent and all walks of life.

Here are some ways you can instantly impact the future of The Tactical Catholic Podcast:

1.)  Join the show LIVE every Wednesday night at 9central/10eastern at http://www.fiatministrynetwork.tv.

– Call in and talk to us for free

– Chat as a user or an anonymous guest

– Sit and watch invisibly as though you have Harry’s cloak.

2.)  Give us feedback.  Email us, leave comments, or leave a voicemail.  We listen to it all.

3.)  Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes.

4.)  Leave reviews on iTunes

5.)  Tell others about the show.


Any one of those items will take minutes of your time, but they will mean the world to us.  We feel we’re putting out a fun product that is encouraging yet challenging for other men.  We talk about things that matter to men, whether they be Catholic, Protestant, or non-Christian.  At the same time, we discuss matters of faith, because for us faith matters most and impacts every area of our lives.  The more we can network and learn from you, our friends and supporters, the more effectively we can engage the folks around us.  And I’ll be frank, I’m not looking to surround myself with only people to totally agree with me.  I find that I grow most when I learn from others rather than sit and agree all the time.  Guys, we can sharpen one another through manly dialogue and maybe a little disagreement and verbal jousting.  We’ll keep it respectful.

Coming up Wednesday night, The Tactical Catholic Podcast is gonna focus on ways we should be preparing ourselves.  While this is not our “prepper” episode (just you wait), this time we will chat about practical things you and I can do to keep ourselves one step ahead of the typical events that occur in cities all over the USA.  We will discuss simple steps any of us should be taking to ensure that we don’t panic when turmoil comes our way.  I hope you’ll join us and consider joining in on the conversation.


About Tactical Catholic

Catholic husband, dad, and convert to the Catholic Faith. A Catholic layman doing his part to strengthen Catholic men for their vocation.

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