Catholic Babies: We Make ‘Em



Wow! Way to go!

Yay! So excited!

Are you going to do something after this one?

Don’t you know how this happens?

How could you do this to your wife?

You know you have choices.

You need to do the responsible thing.

All common responses to your newly announced pregnancy. By the way, we are expecting. The responses above are a sampling of the actual responses we received. All came from professing Christians. They represent the gamut of opinion in our world today.

It is difficult to explain, even to other Christians, why we do not practice contraception. They cannot grasp the concept, being themselves so steeped in the contraceptive and self-centered mentality of this age.

Children are not a harvestable commodity, nor are they a disease to be innoculated against, nor are they a choice. Children are a gift from God. They are a blessing every married couple should be open to receive.

So we aren’t going to live in a fancy house or take huge european trips. Who cares? We take family trips. We have family outings. We eat our meals together. We go to Mass together. We pray together.

It is our mindset to be other focused. That is what those last commenters and the world that teaches them do not get. We live for our kids. They are not accessories. We invest everything we are in them. They, in turn, learn the value of sacrifice, selflessness, faith, trust, community, and real love.

I love my wife. I lay my life down for her. She does the same for me, for better or for worse. Our kids love us and one another, through all the typical sibling scuffles. Living for the good of another is love. God loves us in the same manner, sparing nothing to draw us ever nearer.

Dudes, I am not saying have a million kids. I am saying change your mindset today. Love those kids. Love your wife. Live totally for their good. When you and your wife come together, be open to receive new life. It requires sacrifice. Above all it requires total self-giving love.

Have the courage to love.

By the way, my typical response to “Do you know how this happens?” is, “Sure do. We’re good at it too. Want me to explain it to you?”



About Tactical Catholic

Catholic husband, dad, and convert to the Catholic Faith. A Catholic layman doing his part to strengthen Catholic men for their vocation.

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  1. My wife and i have had this same issue. We just brought our 18 year old to college and we have a 15, 12 and a 9 year old and we are due in November. This pregnancy was not planned but we are thrilled and looking forward to what God has planned. It is great making people feel uncomfortable about this subject. They just don’t know what to do with it.


  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy!! And yes, once we’ve already had the commonly expected two, maybe three children, and then fall pregnant again (and again, and again) we’re given lots of opportunities to explain and even suffer for our faith – we live in interesting times.


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