Know Your Faith: Study

It’s amazing how little we sometimes know our faith. It’s even more amazing to consider how selective we tend to be in the practice and teaching of our beliefs. I believe the cause is poor catechesis. However, we have been given a great tool to aid us, the Catechism.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church was put together to address a glaring need for catechesis. Previous local catechisms helped, but students only remembered short answers without receiving further instruction. In other words, many rules divorced from one another in the mind.

The weakness of that method comes from the catechists own unwillingness or inability to “connect the dots” of each piece of the faith. Understand that the Catholic faith is one big interconnected belief in God. It is a relationship of ideas, each one connected to another. To fully understand a topic such as mortal and venial sin, you would also need to understand the human condition, the fall of man and its effects, the mystery of iniquity, objective gravity of sin, justice, heaven, hell, death, the devil, temptation, grace, faith, and on and on. A one sentence answer is lacking because that one sentence is related to hundreds of other principles. This is true in the previous Catechism as well (Catechism of Trent).

The “bad” news is that studying requires effort that many just don’t want to make. However, that really isn’t bad. Our faith is so amazingly connected, rooted ultimately as a relationship with Jesus Christ. Everything is connected. Everything matters. So, beginning a study of the faith is beginning an adventure with Christ as our guide. He shows us the beauty and richness, not of a book of rules and regulations, but of His great love for us and how that love changes EVERYTHING.

I challenge you guys to start reading your catechism. Be willing to read the instructions too, so you can navigate the cross references. It is SO WORTH the effort. Keep your Bible open a d read the verses in context. At the end of your daily study, offer what you have learned as a prayer back to God. As you see how awesome our faith is, tell someone else about it.


About Tactical Catholic

Catholic husband, dad, and convert to the Catholic Faith. A Catholic layman doing his part to strengthen Catholic men for their vocation.

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