I Have a Coupon for That

All grocery chains account for 4 things to make a profit through grocery sales. Two of them you should understand, and two will save you money. Before you eggheads correct me, I admit there are a bunch of other factors as well, but these four most shoppers do not consider. Satisfied? Moving on.

1. Theft. Thou shalt not steal, right? Well, folks do steal and grocers have to calculate that into their pricing model. If people would stop shoplifting (looking at you, bub) prices would lower. Just be aware, folks. As crime increases (including government crime) so will food prices.

2. Volume. The faster something turns over, the faster the store recoups its cost. Items that are high volume tend to maintain their pricing, and are sometimes prone to small sale offers. This is rare, so don’t expect milk coupons (without some other pricey item tie in).

3. Demand. Prices are seasonal. Watch how produce goes up in winter. Demand is same, but availability is more limited, as there are fewer places to get fresh produce in January. When prices drop, this is your time to stock up.

Here is my suggestion for your area. Keep your local store flyers for a year. Lay em all out from time to time and watch for patterns in what items go on sale, when they do, and general pricing. This will help you plan for stocking and avoiding price spikes.

4. Coupons & Loyalty Programs. Don’t be fooled by sticker colors. Store pricing assumes a.) you will use your loyalty card and b.) you will use max available coupons. If you do not use your card you are a fool. You are throwing money away. Don’t be dumb. Most stores let you use a keychain, a phone number, retinal scal, etc. No excuses.

Coupons are free money to help you buy. Yes, sometimes store brand is cheaper, but check coupon prices vs store prices. Also, stores are offering coupons on store brand. Some stores have double coupons. Good grief, man! Double your free money. It only costs you time. Combining coupons with knowledge of seasonal pricing can help you save even more.

This aint rocket science, and there are tons of other ways to save. This article just points out some “duh” things you can apply to save some dough. Good stewardship is not optional. Quit wasting money. Be a coupon hero!

About Tactical Catholic

Catholic husband, dad, and convert to the Catholic Faith. A Catholic layman doing his part to strengthen Catholic men for their vocation.

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