How to Share Your Catholic Faith: Your Testimony

The first thing to learn when it comes to faith-sharing is your testimony. This is possibly the most intimidating as well as the most powerful tool in your evangelism arsenal.

Testimony or witness is a word we use to describe our personal account of an encounter with Jesus Christ. It is the story of how Jesus changed our life. The best part is that all God’s children have a testimony.

It is the singular message you have that cannot naturally be controverted. People can dislike what you like, but aside from proving you to be insane, only you know how you felt, what you have seen, what you have lived. Your testimony is the story of how God works in your life.

Your testimony is organic. It grows as you grow. Then, like a full sponge, our story spills out into relevant conversation once our minds have been disciplined to utilize it.

Take some time over the next day or so to jot down some notes regarding your life of faith. I am providing feeder questions we will come back to on a future post.

  • What was your faith like as a small child?
  • Are you cradle Catholic? If yes, what was that like? If no, what was your faith tradition like?
  • If you are a convert, what made you want to be Catholic?
  • How did you relate to Jesus as a child? What about 5 years ago? What about now?
  • Has God always seemed close to you? Why or why not?
  • Tell me about an event that changed the way you approached God, the Church, or other people.
  • What role does prayer occupy in your life? Has it always been that way?  Explain.
  • What role does Scripture play in your life? Has it always been that way? Explain.

Just getting started. Chances are you have never thought about those things, so get going. There will be a test.


About Tactical Catholic

Catholic husband, dad, and convert to the Catholic Faith. A Catholic layman doing his part to strengthen Catholic men for their vocation.

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