Picking Fights You Can’t Win

When I do a television show or speak at an event, people are very encouraging. I get compliments and well-wishes. Then the inevitable question arises,

“What’s next?” I tell them I am going home to go back to work. 9/10 times my response is met with a puzzled look. “Why don’t you do this full time if you enjoy it so much?”. The short answer, I explain, is that God won’t let me.

Now if I had more time this morning, I would go into all the reasons I said what I said. However, that isn’t my topic today. Instead, I wish to focus on handling “No” from God.

I handdle “No” from God poorly most days, mostly out of frustration. What this reflects, however is a lack of trust in the Lord. Men, when God does not give us the answer we were looking for, it is because He has a good reason. He is under no obligation to explain Himself either. Because of that, it is entirely a waste of time for us to toil and anguish over why. We must move on, accepting the answer and get back to our responsibilities.

Easy, right?

Acceptance and trust are so very hard to master. What I have learned, however, is that with help and practice, it can grow and improve. Here is what we don’t need.

  • Whining. Nothing will stop us more dead in our tracks like moping and whining.
  • Cliche. All that jazz about windows and doors opening and closing makes me wretch, as do trite responses like “get over it” or “follow your dreams”. Just stay away from that garbage.
  • Pondering why. You won’t know. God’s ways are so far above ours. Read Job in your Bible.
  • Isolation. We cannot shut ourselves from everything because we do not have our way.

What we do need is a strong work ethic and the guts to move forward. We need men in our network who will let us vent a little and then encourage us as we get back on task. We need spouses and friends who will pray. In short, we need community and intelligent, mature friends in faith to bolster us when we lapse into weakness (think of a spotter at the weight bench). Then we need to focus on the task at hand.

Hang in there guys. God has plans for us. He may not tell us, but looking back we will be able to more clearly see than we do now. Read of Abraham sometime. The reward may not be visible even in our lifetime. We must instead find joy in the journey. Build trust.

My challenge for those frustrated is to look back and see if some of those answers back then make more sense now. Think of the blessings you have and return thanks to God. Change your attitude and repent of bitterness. We can do this. He will help.


About Tactical Catholic

Catholic husband, dad, and convert to the Catholic Faith. A Catholic layman doing his part to strengthen Catholic men for their vocation.

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