Defend Against the Leg Ride…Spiritually

My favorite wrestler to watch this year has been Chris Perry of Oklahoma State. There is no better leg rider in the NCAA. The kid is strong and great on his feet, but it is when he gets control that he really goes to work, riding his opponents and basically wearing them down while he looks to create nearfalls and pins. It doesn’t hurt that he is nephew to my favorite wrestler and coach, John Smith.


See, the leg ride is a great offensive weapon. My preference is to sink a leg in and basically lock up one of my opponent’s legs. It almost looks like my legs form a 4. Once that leg is immobilized, I focus on getting the opposite arm and work for back points while he struggles to get free. Puts a lot of strain on the back and arms of my foe while I patiently score.

Satan does this to us often. In fact, when I read Hebrews 12 I usually think of the leg ride rather than the running illustration of the writer (not St. Paul). The devil tries to tie us up and keep us immobilized while he looks for opportunities to put us in worse predicaments or pain. For you maybe it is fear that has you stuck, or a sinful habit has you tightly. Maybe you are tortured by worry or shame or anger. Remember that Satan’s goal is to destroy you and everyone you know. When we get tied up, we have to be able to work an escape or put him on his butt. We have to fight smart and move quickly.

But how?

Jesus is the author and perfector (beginning and end) of our faith. He knows exactly how to defend the leg ride as well as how to mount a counter offense. We must submit to His wisdom. He will tell us to plant the laced hip firmly to the mat. This is the deposit of faith that will remind and instruct our conscience. We rely on the virtues we have been developing through our training in holiness. We are able to clearly hear our Lord giving us instruction because we have learned to discern His voice and tune out the distracting call of the world.

Men, you were made for victory, but it does not come without hard work, discipline, and preparation. Have the balls to train your whole self in the likeness of Jesus Christ. Ask for His help. He will provide. Listen to all He has to say. Start with a humble admission that you need Christ at the core of all you do. Follow that with daily practice of spiritual exercises to strengthen you.

Everybody wants to win, but few have the desire to prepare because of the work it involves. I see it all the time as a coach. You can do it if you are willing to work. Man up and start building spiritual strength now. It matters for you and also for those God has placed in your care. Get to it!

About Tactical Catholic

Catholic husband, dad, and convert to the Catholic Faith. A Catholic layman doing his part to strengthen Catholic men for their vocation.

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