Let’s Get (a) Physical

A couple of months ago, I was in the hospital with “stroke high” blood pressure that would not go down.  I thought I was about to bite it.  No joke.

It took all night to get my blood pressure down. Late the next day and after a battery of tests, scans, and checks, I walked out with a clean record heart-wise. No stroke. No heart attack. No blockage in arteries. However, I had to start a regimen of blood pressure medication. If I hadn’t gone to the emergency room I might not have been diagnosed with hypertension until after I was dead.

Do you read me? That night scared the ever loving $#!* out of me.  I realized I have to take care of this body because I have 7 others at home who are depending on me.  All Catholic men (and non-Catholic men as well) have to go to the doctor, even if we don’t like it. Look, most of us have insurance that will cover most, if not all, of the cost of an annual physical. So why not go? Excuses will vary, but I am telling you for your sake and the sakes of those you love, go. Let that doctor check you just in case.  By the way, this also applies to you organic, Whole Foods shopping marathon runners too.  Regular check ups are for all of us.  We gotta do it.

I have been working on my weight and salt intake for a couple of years now. This past 12 months has shown great improvement. Still, lifestyle changes were not enough. Self-“medication” wasn’t going to work either.  I needed a doctor’s assistance. It took severe chest pains to get my attention. Many men drop dead with little warning until it is too late.  Don’t be that guy, my Catholic friends (you non-Catholics need to be well also!).

Start with a physical. Have the time of your life. Find a doctor who isn’t afraid to talk with you about your health (not in a hurry). Listen to the doc. Make lifestyle changes if you need them. Need to exercise? Start walking. Cut back the salt? Do it.  Don’t get a pandering doctor.  Get a doc who will level with you.  That’s the only way you’re gonna get better.

Your health is a constant battle and even “fit” dudes can have high blood pressure, blocked arteries, high triglycerides, prostate issues, etc. You will do yourself and your family, otherwise known as the domestic church, a great service by turning your head and coughing (those tests too).


About Tactical Catholic

Catholic husband, dad, and convert to the Catholic Faith. A Catholic layman doing his part to strengthen Catholic men for their vocation.

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